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  1. detroit jazz

    3rd year IDP Dynasty league (Filled)

    One more opening...then we get things rolling with the dispersal draft
  2. detroit jazz

    3rd year IDP Dynasty league (Filled)

    Dynasty Guru IDP has 2 open teams available to serious owners that want to experience expanded rosters and a full IDP format. We have a great group of owners and we now have room to add a couple new owners to the league. Here are some of the players for the dispersal draft: RGIII, Russel...
  3. detroit jazz

    Stan Musial passes away at the age of 92

    RIP Stan the Man
  4. detroit jazz

    Now filling a $50 Draftmaster League...Check it out!

    Just had one bail on us...there is one team available. Anyone interested here?15 are paid in Leaguesafe and we draw draft spots as soon as we get 1 more paid.
  5. detroit jazz

    Now filling a $50 Draftmaster League...Check it out!

    10 in so far, 6 spots left...anyone else up to the challenge??
  6. detroit jazz

    Now filling a $50 Draftmaster League...Check it out!

    Full IDP DraftMasters League - The Ultimate Competition!! Draft and forget about it leagues. No line-ups to submit or transactions to be made. I have played in many of these leagues in the past and they are a lot of doing a mock draft for money! 16 team leagues. Full IDP with 53...
  7. detroit jazz

    $50, 16 Team IDP Draftmaster League forming

    Seriously guys...let's get this one filled up. Should have 10 more that want to draft for cash right???
  8. detroit jazz

    IDP Dynasty league opening...needs owner

    We have an opening in our 1st year IDP Dynasty league and are looking for a committed owner. Great group of veteran owners!! Thanks!
  9. detroit jazz

    Startup Dynasty Needs Owners!

    I'm interested...any chance you change the payouts though? I would rather see the 5% for 5th go to the 2nd place winner giving them 25%
  10. detroit jazz

    Dynasty DL Rankings

    Thanks Jene! Looking forward to more info after the draft.
  11. detroit jazz

    Dynasty DL Rankings

    Jene,I'm in a tackle heavy dynasty league that I start 1 or 2 DT's and they get 4 pts/ tackle (2pts/ Assist) while DE's get 3 and 1.5 respectively. Given these scoring rules how would you rank the following DT's for dynasty:Roy Miller TBJeremy Mincey JAXDan Williams ARITyson Aluala JAXAmobi...
  12. detroit jazz

    2 openings in Baseball Keeper League

    2 openings in a Baseball Keeper League on ESPN. Looking to upgrade some uninvolved owners and make this league more competitive. $50 Teams... Format: League Manager Scoring: H2H Points Teams: 10 Here is the link: PM with questions or...