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El Floppo
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    El Floppo
    El Floppo
    floppinho is 8 and might be gay. happy, like. crazy music skills- drums, pianos and can sing at the same time. I can't snap my fingers and talk at the same time.

    floppinha is 4 and all kinds of awesome. I will have to kill homer some day soon.

    thanks for asking :thumbup:

    unless you're talking about my pet name for my... well- penis. in that case, floppo.

    #1 Fan of Nigel Tufnel
    #1 Fan of Nigel Tufnel
    i was asking about your penis

    maybe it just needs some TLC? call me

    wife and i exploring options for a carribean vacation this summer

    looking at anguilla

    gimme everything you've got on your trip.. flight.. ferry.. food options.. rentals... availability of island women willing to go both ways :mellow:

    and have it on my desk by noon, johnson or i'll have you collating legal papers til you retire :coffee:

    wife mentioned wanting to go back to NYC. told her we could stay with the Floppo's. hope you're okay with this. see you in March :hifive:

    Running into you the other day in the soccer thread, made me realize I still remember a lot of mindless banterings at fanball. Haha good times

    msg box full or just not talking to plebes anymore? you mentioned newborn in a post. congrats once again! everything good with mother & baby? your joyful new-daddy pix of a few Junes ago is still one of my fave emails ive ever received. living & work situs settled or are you sustaining them with dumpster sushi in a projects stairwell? all the best, either way -

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