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  1. greenmountaingoat

    College RB Bijan Robinson, Texas

    I’m pissed off that two teams who’s picks I don’t have are gunning for him. Thought I had 3/4 of the terrible picks locked in. Turns out I’ve been too successful with my waiver fun🤣. Team I traded Russ to is having a ruff year. It’s a little irritating that I couldn’t force him to take...
  2. greenmountaingoat

    QB Justin Fields, CHI

    Had the same dilemma yesterday and made the Knox over Kmet call yesterday on my dynasty team. Apologies for cursing all of the Knox people, i have the reverse midas touch.
  3. greenmountaingoat

    QB Justin Fields, CHI

    I’m rolling Dak out there tomorrow instead of waiting until Sunday to find out I’m hosed at qb.
  4. greenmountaingoat

    Is Kelce the 1.01 pick in redrafts next year?

    Kelce managers in first place in my ppr redraft and in my 14 team dynasty league. TE has been the bane of my existence in both leagues. Waller to Njoku to Tonyan to Moreau back to Njoku then he’s not practicing today 😆. Knox and Kmet both dropping turds for 5 weeks and a lotta churning the...
  5. greenmountaingoat

    TE Foster Moreau, LV

    This is me 🤣.
  6. greenmountaingoat

    Too many injuries- drops versus not a full lineup.

    Thank you for the responses. I had a lightbulb go on for me. Traded Chase for Godwin. Aggressive owner having a bad year. It’s always psychological.
  7. greenmountaingoat

    Too many injuries- drops versus not a full lineup.

    We run QB-RB-RB-WR-WR-TE- F-F- DST-K (full ppr): Current starting lineup: Rodgers Mixon Pierce Terrace Marshall Josh Reynolds Tonyan K Walker D'Onta Foreman Chiefs No Kicker Bench: Inj- Chase, Williams Byes- Lamb, Diontae, Cowboys DST, Dak TE- Waller QQQQ- My options: 1. Leave K unfilled...
  8. greenmountaingoat

    Need a Deep Flex this week

    Dealing with two of these in my lineup this week as a result of Chase and Williams injuries plus Lamb and Diontae byes :( Pierce is dealing with a running QB facing a NE D that can throw a shutout on any given week. Marshall's QB looked good last week. The matchup stinks but he's a guy that...
  9. greenmountaingoat

    Trade Deadline Thread

    This is so wild.
  10. greenmountaingoat

    Bragging, venting, crowing, grieving...

    Dynasty team lost Lance, Eli Mitchell, Javonte, Breece and Amon Ra (maybe he'll be back?). Good news (ish??) I have the 23 first of the guy with Taylor/Chase team so maybe that's going to be a mid round pick. Assumed it would be late but that's evened out by one of the other 23 firsts I have...
  11. greenmountaingoat

    MNF**Chicago at New England** (-8.5) (40)

    I heard the guy you're playing lost amon-ra and Hall though lol, might've given you a run for your money :ROFLMAO:
  12. greenmountaingoat

    MNF**Chicago at New England** (-8.5) (40)

    LOL. Bears shredding the NE Defense.
  13. greenmountaingoat

    MNF**Chicago at New England** (-8.5) (40)

    You're not wrong. Mac doesn't trust his reads or something. He's holding onto the ball.
  14. greenmountaingoat

    MNF**Chicago at New England** (-8.5) (40)

    Bears look less like caca than I thought they would. On Offense, zappe would have done better than that.