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  1. joey

    Yahoo IR Question

    He’s just saying “drop your crappiest player and carry a kicker like everyone else” :)
  2. joey

    2022 Las Vegas Raiders

    Another successful Grudock draft pick.
  3. joey

    Happy Thanksgiving to my FBG Family

    Gobble gobble to you addicted lunatics who like to throw random darts as much as I do.
  4. joey

    QB Trey Lance, SF

    Total, unadulterated gaff by SF to give up the world for an unproven project QB. If they can somehow get a Lombardi out of this whole thing, its likely their only saving grace to look decent in this mess. signed, Dynasty Owner Patiently Waiting for Lance to Finally Show Something...Next Year
  5. joey

    2022 Las Vegas Raiders

    What is “same thing they claim to have been trying to fix for the past decade” for $1000, Alex?
  6. joey


    This makes no sense to me. When both healthy, Williams and Aiyuk are probably close to equal in value (though I’d have Aiyuk ranked higher personally) and now Mike Williams proves yet again that he can’t stay on the field after only a few minutes in a game, and someone trade Aiyuk PLUS a piece...
  7. joey


    Win Now. I like that move, especially with Herbert on IR for a bit and not stealing carries
  8. joey

    Yahoo IR Question

    You will have a full starting roster around 10 seconds after you make the first move. Is this guy in your league the commish? Or just one of the owners who is making up some unwritten code? My leagues have to have a full starting roster for game day, but if someone doesn’t have a kicker or D...
  9. joey

    Yahoo IR Question

    If your league doesn’t have this setting turned on, my approach (if I have a kicker who is easily swappable…most are) I’ll do a quick: drop kicker, pick up IR player, put him on IR, pick up replacement kicker.
  10. joey

    Devy Rankings 2023 & 2024 & 2025 Prospects

  11. joey


    Tough one since, those who drafted him in the middle of the 1st round this year probably feel like we struck gold with his few really good performances, so to give him up so soon has got to be a gut wrencher. but I can understand anyone who thinks that They’re basically get a free late 1st in...
  12. joey

    2022 FBG Subscriber Contest is ON - Update - 1st place is $10k + $5k to food bank of their choice

    This view is awesome. @Joe Bryant any chance FBG could incorporate this back into the official contest pages for next year? I missed the cut by only 1.55 points in week 7, and ignoring a minor 24 point shortfall that would’ve hit me in week 8, I’d still be cruising to a win in this contest! ;)...
  13. joey


    kirk is WR15 in my PPR league. I don’t see how a 1st 3 years away is anything but a fair trade for a top 15 WR. You might not value Kirk as highly, but this trade wouldn’t even put a blip on my radar as being out of balance. Especially if the team receiving Kirk is a WR2 away from a deep run...
  14. joey

    Dynasty Value Discussion Thread

    I would probably trade him away now for ANY 2023 2nd. Let someone else deal with that ride.
  15. joey

    WAY Back - How We Started

    Exactly. But loving every minute (year) of it, though. Ole Yeller was absolutely an unfair advantage over our league mates still drafting from magazine.