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    2009 DTV Sunday ticket and superfan deals

    Ok first off I tried Calling them 7 times and got NADA. Last night i sent them a e-mail explaining my situation(not making as much) Just Via E-mail i got 10/month for 6 months and 3 months free showtime. I responded this morning saying thats nice and all but didnt really help make the 400 for...
  2. lacesout

    Auction podcast Cecil.....

    I have been patiently awaiting the all auction podcast. When ya think its gonna be coming out ma boy?!
  3. lacesout

    Fanball is greatly improved this year.

    Not usually going to find thank yous in the "whining" Section of forums. For going thru a big overhall your going to find the same 6 guys in each post complaining. Other than that they have pretty much fixed all the bugs. I dont do keeper or dynasty so i cant say for sure there fixed but i...
  4. lacesout

    Fantasy Football Trophies

    affordabletrophies has a really nice selection and the 99 dollar traveling one is perfect.
  5. lacesout

    Tactics to Distract Fellow Owners at the Draft...

    Cause i gotta earn money to pay for leagues and besides she isnt going anywhere
  6. lacesout

    The 5 minute Drill.

    we dont need the flashy backdrop or the nice shirts on cecil and bloom just a rought video is great keep it simple i see people on youtube make great hd videos using relatively cheap equip and its done quit well!
  7. lacesout

    Fanball still down

    i currently use fanball for 4 leagues that i run and am looking at mfl but i cannot figure out how the heck to do yardage based scoring for kickers 1-25 3pts 26-35 4 pts etc ? any clue i like the site customization and might switch to them if it goes smoothly
  8. lacesout

    Looking for a live draft in twin cities (minnesota)

    I only like being involved in local person to person leagues if you have one or know of one please feel free to contact me here or thru PM
  9. lacesout

    First Time Commissioner

    Get money 3 weeks before the draft so no one backs out. Have one back up team there to help out or take a teams place if someone is a no show. Make sure your rules cover everything so no one can whine. X-box also has a nice draft system that you can run off your x-box using live
  10. lacesout

    The Audible - News and Notes 6/11/09

    Elaborating more into this ? I would like to know how you guys approach a auction draft? do you target a couple players that you try to get at whatever cost(withing reason) or do you take one stud and alof of good values towards middle of draft?... my first two years i have gotten to excited...
  11. lacesout

    The Footballguys CD

    I personally LOVE the idea! I subscribe every year and consider this site to be #1 for best overall value and info! While I will miss the magazine I love the fact that I can get all that content still and its free!(i will print it at work when no ones looking) I can see the guys point being...
  12. lacesout

    Post good rule ideas that every league should have

    We allow trades but we are using a trade judge from a fantasy site his word is final so that eliminates that headache (if trade is challenged it goes to the trade judge his decision is final and there is no complaining about it or your fined $5 for every post where you ##### about it)
  13. lacesout

    Post good rule ideas that every league should have

    Im looking for some good ideas to add to our leage to make it run smoother and also eliminate headaches
  14. lacesout

    Barbers Week 15 Status

    Anyone hear what there saying about barber for week 15?