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    Loaded team have what it takes??

    Qb 1) Dak Prescott 2) tua tagoviola Rb 3) Joe mixon 4) Aaron jones 5) Zeke Elliott 6) daemon peirce 7) Kenyan Drake 8) Alexander mattison Wr 9) Deebo samuel 10) Michael pittman 11) Keenan allen 12) Michael gallup Te 13) Kyle pitts 14) irv smith Defense 15) Tampa K Tyler bass
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    Zeke/Keenan Allen for James Robinson/ either DJ Moore or DK Metcalf..........

    I keep lingering James Robinson around for trade. Had an offer for James Robinson on my team for Zeke and Keenan Allen, I just have to include either DJ Moore or DK Metcalf. Im building this championship team here.  My other RB's are Dalvin Cook and CMC Bench is D Johnson from the browns...
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    TRADE: James Robinson for Nick Chubb?

    I mean it appeared as CMC was close Week 6 of returning. I cannot see anything more then the 3 games out on IR.
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    TRADE: James Robinson for Nick Chubb?

    I am the number 1 seed currently at 5-1 out of 12 teams.  13 week regular season.  6 teams make the post season so its safe to assume I will make that.
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    TRADE: James Robinson for Nick Chubb?

    Now that Chubb is out for TNF, his owner proposed a trade for him. Robinson for Chubb. Robinson is out on a bye this week. My other RB's are Dalvin Cook and CMC Bench is D Johnson from the browns, myles Gaskin and Devin Singletary. 
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    Trade James Robison for Chris Carson??

    Hello. Full PPR 12 team league. 13 regular season games, 3 playoff games.  I have Dalvin Cook and Aaron Jones as my RB1/RB2 and utilize James Robinson as my flex.  Now I can trade James Robinson and Myles Gaskin for Chris Carson and Zack Moss. I am worried with the usage of Chris Carson and...
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    TRADE: Aaron Jones/Brandin Cooks for Tyreek Hill/Josh Jacobs

    Would you guys make this trade? I currently have Aaron Jones, Dalvin Cook Dk metcalf and Brandin Cooks on my team (michael thomas on IR) and Mike Davis as my flex Would you guys take that trade for Tyreek and Jacobs? 12 man league PPR ESPN. Thanks