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Ministry of Pain
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  • ok mr ministry of pain...

    I have a question that I would like your opinion on.I have jessie james as my te.I have moncreif on my bench.we have a small bench of 5 .

    it is a ppr league redraft.start wrs are deshaun jackson,crowder,pryor ,enunwa and hogan.

    question i have is would you drop moncreif and pick up gary barnage...we can pick up players anytime as long as we drop a benched player.cutthroat fun and  very competitive.there  may be a chance i may be able to pick back up moncreif if no ones picks him up at end of the game monday night.i would drop jesse james and pick him up but there may be  a chance that someone else in my league will pick moncreif up and hold onto him and hope he comes back for playoffs.

    so should i drop moncreif and pick up gary barnage.???i need to make the playoffs to even be able to use moncreif if he does come back.and jesse james is not the

    thanks in advance
    I read on one of the threads today that you golf 6-7 months out of the year.  You're a Florida guy, aren't you?  I'm in Missouri, recently retired and moving to Arizona for year round golf, but I've always heard that golfing in Florida is awesome!

    Interesting Week 1, eh?  Take care.


    Ministry of Pain
    Ministry of Pain
    Thanks WB,

    I actually am more of a tennis player but yeah golf is pretty much everywhere here in Florida, especially South Florida and also the Central Florida region from Tampa to Orlando has a ton of courses. 

    My larger point was embracing the younger peeps and how they view the NFL. I've fought it and now I'm not fighting it as much. 


    Hey, your IBS - I'm thinking of maybe trying the diet.

    Backstory: part of the reason I've been missing is also health related. In short, radiation therapy gave me a real bad case of proctitis. The treatments are over, I'm cancer-free, but the ####s haven't gone away. During therapy I was using steroid suppositories for control, but I don't like putting a lot of #### like that in my body. Thinking of trying your diet instead - except I really ate oatmeal!

    Hi MoP, Long time viewer, first time poster. What's the difference between normal ketchup and weird fancy ketchup? I'll hang up and listen.

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