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  • Invite 2 join startup IDP Dynasty contract MFLeague

    Hi, my name is Amit - fellow IDP forum member on FBG

    reaching you to offer you to join free .. startup Dynasty Contract&Salary IDP FFleague of 16 teams with  21 starters (10,O, 11 D) and up2 50 players in the roster on the MFL site. the upcoming startup draft will be slow auction one as later on season the waivers will. draft & waiver are auction.

    Its contract cap league.. max 100 years for the roster and 5 year max for player.. also max 100 M $ cap space for all the salaries of ur players.

    I read some of ur posts on the IDP "post tree" and came 2 conclusion that u familiar with our setting .. so now just asking if u have the will & free time to invest & enjoy, advice back.

    Thanks, Amit 

    somehow u cant get PM's here, email me :

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