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  • В России мы смотрим телевизор. В Америке на вас смотрит телевизор.

    If you puke in your mouth, then swallow, then almost die choking on that puke, this is what you call a Sam Quentin.  ####### awful. 

    FlapJacks, TinHat, BowlingBartenderCory, Chaos, Brock Middlebrook, Sam Quentin and whatever this alias is. You want internet filler with no substance, Rove! is your man! Some sad ####, mang. :bye:

    Doctor Detroit
    Doctor Detroit
    Loved the comment you left me, made a lot of sense: "Rove! → Doctor Detroit

    Arrogant pseudo expert. Like to pretend to be a know its lol and gets very angry when he's shiwn to incorrect." To be a know? I bes a know shown yo! You're a moron Sam, thanks for playing.

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