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  • i am back from a walkaround in the thrilla south of manilla and ready to rock and roll on the path of the brohan bromigos so lets take it to the bank together bam another riddle solved by the ole swcer

    when someones posts in the trump thread it is like a disturbance in the force brohans i can actually feel the universe getting stupider and crying out and then being silenced take that to the bank bromigos 

    brohans i urge you to follow of the path of the brohan and live and let brohan take that to the bank

    what is on my mind is a hat i do not eve know why i have to put up with this interrogation crap around here brohans take that to the mind your own beeswax bank

    hey rudnarski i have a buddy who wants to know what you have to do to get to five shining stars around here let me know what do to and i will tell him take that to the bank brohan

    bromigos i see some people think i am an alian while i am not brohans i am just the old swcer and that is that take that to the bank

    i am sorry if you are ignoring me but better question if you are ignoring me why are you reading this bam brohan i am in your head take that to the bank

    people seam confused about this when you take stuff to the bank you do not actually have to take stuff to a bank it is a figure of talking brohans and if you do not get that well there is not a lot more to say take that to the bank and i do not mean go to a bank with this printed out duh jesus

    yesterday i saw a jackass turkey trying to kick over a turtle and that crap pissed me off anyhow be good to eachother and do not be like that jerk turkey he can go to hell take that to the bank

    brohans it is summer time so go out there have a brew with with your brewhans and enjoy the season and be good to others take that to the bank bromigos

    just be good to each other and follow the path of the brohan this is not mystery science bromigos take that to the bank

    brohans sometimes and it normally feels like in the dead of winter i get feeling low and feel like people are crummy to each other well when i get like that i try to go out and do something good to help my fellow brother brohans because one it lets you know it could be a lot worse and two helping others is about as good as it gets it is better than beer better than pills better than just about anything so get out there and make it happen and be good take that to the bank bromigos also scales...

    fellow bromericans i am calling on you for 2015 to volunteer to do something good for your brother man maybe a soup kitchen maybe a clean up maybe some habitat for humanity whatever just go out there and be good instead of sitting on a couch stuffing pizza rolls down your cramhole be good to eachother do something good and you will have my blessing to take it to the bank after that

    brohans this whole ofdy scale thing is nuts if you like a gal then you like her and good on you you do not need to even care what people at the club think i mean who cares it is a club and they pay for there friends anyhow just do your thing and like who you like and you can call it a youfy list ten the old swcer has your back take that to the bank broceratops

    brohans being a bramuri warrior is not about profile views or how many warning points you have it is about following the path of the brohan and being awesome to others so keep on keepin on with yourself and if you can get a 75 charger make it happen take that to the bank bromigos

    Hey brohan thanks for the friend add, I think this may the start of something special

    brohan i am on a mission to be cool to those that are cool to me and to make the people that do not like me my friends that is the way of the brohan take that to the bank brochacho

    find something to volunteer for and do it and you will not get money but you will save money when you do not spend time in a bar or sucking back fancy six packs and stuffing pizza down your cram hole and what you will have is a full bank account and a full heart from doing good for others so take that to the food for families bank brohans

    want to be worth something be a one man wrecking crew against intolerance the world needs a change and you can do it take that to the bank brohans

    hey how do you get more stars i just have a friend who wants to know so fill me in and i will let him know thanks help desk brohans also why are you o forever in answering my help desk questions the support here is not the greatest is what i am saying

    hey brohans do not wait to long christmas is coming up go out and plan to do something good like giving a present to a gift drive or giving blood or making a donation to a hospital be good to others and thank a vet take that to the bank brohans

    stand up for something good today or just launch yourself in to space and be some other planets problem take that to the bank brohans

    i wanted to make myself have five stars so i cut out some little stars and taped them to my screen but now when i move down to read stuff they are not in the right palce and other guys are stealing my stars is there a way to fix this thanks help desk

    can you please make brett favre turn into brent the wiener texter whenever any one uses that word on the site thanks brohans at the help desk

    also why do all o f my messages have zero comments thank you brohans

    i can not remember how to make the gree number n one disapeer from my name please help help desk

    merry christmas to you fellow bromerican take peace on earth to the bank my man

    right on dr car that is your nickname i am good at making them up and bam that one is yours just like that

    steve tasker was one of my fvorites brohan i am glad you are on my brohan list lets take this place to the bank with good comments and being excellent to others

    no i do not even know so just quit asking cripes you are worse than the whole saints thing man i will just clean it up when i get home anyhow and then

    hellow swc iam a big fan of your shtick and enjoy reading your posts you make me laugh because youre funny like joe pesci in home alone when he gets punched in balls im like lol wat that must hurt a lot like the time i steped on a nail with my foot and it went through and i was like lol ouw but it heeld up and my foot has a big scar that looks like a star and is rough when i touch it like a starfi

    how do i stop people from looking at my profile and making fun of me

    i have asked like three questions and no answer the help desk here is not very helpful wtf

    a buddy of mine wants to know how do i change my user rating to make it 5 stars just wondering for my friend

    i know that you brohans are trying to pull my crank because i havent gone in to lucky town for years since it got too expensive and fancy i mostly go to harp and shammy after work i guess i did not know thatthey were cutting mullets in tosa but they are on the edge over there with fashion and such so it does not surprise me anyhow keep on taking it to the bank and be well brohanskiev

    hey, polar dude asked me to drop in and say hi. caught a glimpse of you at Leff's not long ago.. was going to say hi but i was busy getting my mullet cut.

    no i do not think he is he just probably thought i was someone else and doesnt work at the mill anyhow or maybe in another department so no worries hombre best wishes to you and your amigos from down under

    ok i just wanted to know if you were from somewhere i go to or something take it easy brohan and take it to the bank

    i dont get that how do you even know what i do for a living you are sort of scaring me brother

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