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  1. Vic Mackey

    Game Thread W15 - Seattle V Chicago

    I saw it on Red Zone, it was Earl Thomas with the pick and return.
  2. Vic Mackey

    Post Your "Upside Down" Draft Results

    1.11 11. Lakewood Wonder Twins Johnson, Andre HOU WR 2.02 14. Lakewood Wonder Twins Rodgers, Aaron GBP QB 3.03 27. Lakewood Wonder Twins Jennings, Greg GBP WR 4.10 46. Lakewood Wonder Twins Bradshaw, Ahmad NYG RB 5.07 55. Lakewood Wonder Twins Williams, DeAngelo CAR RB 6.06 66. Lakewood...
  3. Vic Mackey

    Why "not receive a game"?

    This 'rule' is a HUGE part of the reason I HATE the Seahawks, I missed out on tons of great football to see them play their meaningless games for years and years. Started with indifference, but week by week the hate grows. The Seattle market misses out on doubleheaders all the time, and usually...
  4. Vic Mackey

    I'm Starting Randy Moss Over_________

    Ocho Felix K.Walter J. Carlson
  5. Vic Mackey

    Steve Gregory - Shoulder Status?

    I'm guessing with the Chargers being on bye, we won't hear anything until early/middle of next week.
  6. Vic Mackey

    IF Gates is active...

    If he plays you start him, period. You'd have to have exceptional TE depth to consider benching him, especially with as many people near his level being injured, or on bye. Finley, Dallas Clark, Vernon Davis, Cooley, Marcedes Lewis all won't be playing this week.
  7. Vic Mackey

    All DB

    Gregory to start Seems to be culled from a Pro Football Weekly article.
  8. Vic Mackey

    Greg Toller 0 tackles half time

    He played, was near many tackles, just shut down whoever he was guarding I guess. Tampa doesn't really have a ton of guys to throw to outside of NMW (New Mike Williams). I'm not panicking yet, he can ride my bench for a week before I cut bait. He was studdly prior to last week.
  9. Vic Mackey

    Antonio Dixon

    He's been filling in for someone who was injured but should be returning after the bye.
  10. Vic Mackey

    Levy Hurt again

    Not sure if this is truly impactful to Levy, but he did start when Levy missed time.
  11. Vic Mackey

    Punters and Coaches

    My league added punters this year.... 1pt for punts inside the 20, and .04pts/yard. It's fun to freak out over a play you used to ignore on MNF. ... down by .75, less than a minute to go in MNF, your punter takes the field and BOOM, hits at 26 bounces, 24....22....starts to roll..... all the...
  12. Vic Mackey

    Can Terrell Owens remain a Top 10 FF WR?

    I dealt for him this week. Bowe + BJGE + 2nd round pick (both Bowe and BJGE will be RFAs next off-season in my league) Neither Bowe (my WR5) or BJGE (my RB4) would've started for me anyway. TO becomes my WR4 behind Nicks, Fitz, Calvin. I think he's a viable FF WR for the rest of this season...
  13. Vic Mackey

    With Garcon and Gonzalez Out

    Gijon Robinson, perhaps?
  14. Vic Mackey

    Who do you "HAVE TO HAVE" this year

    Sammie Stroughter.