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  • Hey Woz - Wanted to say I reread your"stupid" comment and just wanted to say I may have mis-interpreted your intent. If you were implying Schumer's comment was stupid, we are    :hifive: .   

    Yep I was. 

    Hey Woz - I have no animosity towards you and not sure what brought about the "stupid comment"  from you.  For all I know you may be a moderator.  Not sure that this is the type of thing we are looking for in the forums. I thought we were trying to be nice to each other and having discussions.  Yes, you may think comments are stupid. that's fine - I'm not telling you what to think. Enjoy.

    Hey Mike,

    The tournament is the HJ Memorial dates are 6/19-6/22/16. The practice round is Sunday with the tournament proper on Monday-Wednesday. This is my first year in this event but I'm pretty sure a good time will be had by all. $330 gets you 3 rounds @ Laughlin Ranch, $5K Hole in one, Sunday Reception, Wednesday award, prizes in excess of $11K, a donation to the HJM Foundation. I believe they have 80 players signed up and room for 100 so if you want in, you're in. I can fwd an email from the tournament director that has more info. Let me know....

    I'll be staying at the Aquarius.

    I just noticed your a Viking Fan....I'm a Packer Fan so disregard the above.

    ;-) Just messin' Let the insults begin!!!11!



    Awesome. I think I had a buddy play in this tourney a couple years ago. The Monday and Tuesday might be tough with my work schedule. Let me check that and get back with you. Worst case I'll see if I have any court in bullhead during those days  

    - Mike 

    Congratulations to you and the future Mrs. Probably time to change the "let her go slogan" in your picture.

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