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  1. Was Carm a bad person? We met her when she was the mom of two teenagers. Up to now, s4, I don't think she's happy with the life and excess. The Soprano kids were awful. We'll see how they mature but I'm not seeing or remembering any parallels between AJ and Carm. Will keep an eye on that as I continue. The sister who shall not be named is exactly how I remember her, and not worth mentioning.
  2. s4 . I don't like Uncle June getting dementia. His body breaking down is one thing but him losing his mind is a waste of a great character. Does Chase hate children? Meadow and AJ were so unlikable. Meadow's transition from spoiled brat to mature adult was pretty sudden. Chris has no redeemable qualities. It's hard to understand why Ade stuck with him. Pauly slugging him at intervention was awesome. The fight where Carm ends up telling Tony about her Furio infatuation was the highlight of the season. Does every Artie scene have to make him look so pathetic.
  3. Two episodes into s4 and I cant believe that Will Arnett pops up. There are times when I don't grasp what is going on with their money making schemes. the construction site venture is one. No shows ? everyone is hanging out in the parking lot. ? .
  4. I think he would of helped as much as he would any made guys wife/girlfriend.
  5. I could be wrong but Ade doesn't really know anything. in your scenario she gets arrested than tells Tony they want her to spy. Why would he kill her?
  6. Just watched it. Was there ever discussion on why the Russian special ops soldier didnt grab Chris' gun after knocking him down? I believe the Russian took Paulie's car.
  7. forgot about that. I wonder if it would've surprised me the second time around.
  8. watched s1 and 2 recently. It's been about 15 years. I never liked Carm or her scenes. Now I think she's great. I love when she snaps at Tony.
  9. Red velvet. and creamy cheesecake is great, dry chalky is horrible.
  10. I don't know any kids who didn't love harry potter.
  11. Joan was fantastic. It was sad how she dated old men and than married Greg. I like how her story ended. I found Tweety to be the most attractive.
  12. When I was 9 and my brothers 12 and 13 we would bus downtown to see movies on the weekend. Can't picture my nieces/nephews allowed to transit around.
  13. reread Gemmell's Troy tri!ogy. as good as I remembered, one of the best fantasy/history series I've read.
  14. The idea that players will tank so an 18 year old kid can immediately take one of their jobs is dumb.
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