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  1. In for squares. If there's 9 left I'll take 4. Or I can take fewer of there aren't that many and someone else wants in.
  2. When my niece was ten we were playing cards and I caught her cheating. When called about it, her reply was "Maybe God wanted me to win!" Who knew that years later the same argument would be used to defend the actions of POTUS.
  3. Of course nobody batted an eye when Obama met privately several times with the Supreme Leader of Iran. Oh wait...
  4. That's the original story, but there's a lot to still be uncovered, IMO. Supposedly the suspects were selling black-tar heroin out of the house but only a small amount of weed was found.
  5. "Nobody knows more about history than me. Nobody. Believe me, nobody."
  6. I can't buy beer or wine before noon on Sunday and can't buy alcohol at all on Sundays. Yee-haw!
  7. Or, they're totally innocent and they've just lied about everything every step of the way, tampered with evidence and witnesses and tried to shut down the investigation. You know, all the stuff that totally innocent people do all the time.
  8. Where are we discussing sanctions? Trump invoked clauses in international law to declare imports of aluminum and steel a threat to US national security. Trump charges US companies that import aluminum and steel tariffs on those imports due to their threat to our national security. Trump lifted sanctions against three of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska's companies that import aluminum. Can someone please explain the justification of this to me?
  9. Yes, but did they talk about all the additional Costco memberships people will eventually be able to afford one day?
  10. "Coup" means winning elections without the help of foreign adversaries, FTR.
  11. Someone really needs to investigate Hillary Clinton!
  12. Stephanie Clifford would disagree with this characterization.
  13. "Trump isn't in handcuffs yet! You libs are totally owned for at least another day!"
  14. Sorry, I thought the sarcasm implied in my post would be more evident.
  15. Why do these filings have to be so darned cryptic? Has anyone heard any speculation on what "Organization 1" may refer to?
  16. Perhaps easier: Require employers to use the existing platform to confirm the eligibility of their employees to work in the United States, E-Verify. But businesses can't be bothered to do that.
  17. Sorry, but a couple of easy questions for you: 1) What do you think the implications of a 100-0 Senate vote are in today's political climate? (For context, what are some other recent 100-0 votes that have been overruled?) 2) Who do you think is being disingenuous when one body of government votes 100-0 on a piece of legislation and an individual declares he's overriding that vote?
  18. Educate me please. What did the Senate's 100-0 vote offer to fund?
  19. I guarantee you at least two American people do want a wall. The majority definitely do not, but some American people clearly do.
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