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  1. Creates a crisis at the border by shutting down/drastically reducing legitimate processing sites Has Republican House and Senate for two years States on national television "I am happy to own the shutdown" Shuts down government while still having Republican House and Senate Blames Democrats
  2. Nothingberder, amirite. If I had a nickle for every time someone in here guaranteed he'd be impeached, I'd be a nickleaire by now.
  3. Yeah, if it's proven he's a Russian asset, that would b about the worst thing imaginable for the country. Best case scenario he's just an incompetent boob that surrounds himself with criminals hell-bent at enriching themselves at the expense of the American people. Best case.
  4. When you're down 35-7 late in the 4th quarter, catch a pass and immediately hop up and give an emphatic "First Down!" gesture.
  5. I think theis time there was serious discussion at high levels about impeachment. Need to quash that for when the real story comes out.
  6. The point is that if even a single piece of evidence that was used to initiate an investigation is still considered circumspect, all of the crimes that are uncovered in that investigation "don't count." @ren hoek, please correct me if I have this wrong.
  7. Yeah, it would be tremendously embarrassing to have a parent engaged in shady financial schemes.
  8. How about we all expect our leaders and the media to tell the truth and call out the lies and liars? I know... sometimes I crack myself up.
  9. Pretty clear China is using US domestic turmoil as leverage here. Trump cannot sustain more losses.
  10. Oh good! With asset forfeitures, the investigation has actually turned a profit for the US government.
  11. So news is about to come out that a bunch of people in the campaign definitely did conspire with Russia to hack DNC emails. And that Trump was definitely involved once the emails were hacked.
  12. Yeah, but where's the evidence? I would have also included pretty early on, before most of that stuff happened, that some of your FBI colleagues, alarmed at what they had seen Russia doing, came to both campaigns and warned them about Russian efforts and to be extra vigilant and report any suspicious activity.
  13. Gonna be cooooold this weekend for the marathon. Not looking forward to it. (FTR, I'm not participating in any running, just not looking forward to the cold.)
  14. "I like to put ketchup on my fancy steak dinners and I had this fantastic idea. So I called up Heinz and said, 'Make this ketchup fancy so it goes good with steak.'"
  15. Okay, that makes sense. Unpaid leave is the way I've always understood FMLA to be.
  16. Also, I really like the usage of "half-witting" from Bernstein.
  17. Agree that the former seems unlikely. What leaks have we heard from the OSC? If he's informing people prior to court filings, stuff would be leaking.
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