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  1. Why would you assume Go Fund Me (not kickstarter) is holding any of it? The person who sets it up gets to dictate what bank account the funds go to. And withdrawals happen whenever that person requests.
  2. Economic Left/Right: -3.0 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -4.51
  3. Don't beat yourself up over this. No need to add injury to insult.
  4. I've done GFM in the past. You need a bank account linked and then you just initiate a withdrawal. Takes a couple of days for the money to show up in your bank account. You dont need to wait until the "end" of a campaign (what is the end, when you can always adjust your target?). https://support.gofundme.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001992767-Withdrawal-Guide
  5. In my opinion, it's empathy that he lacks (among other things).
  6. We could cut off all foreign aid and build a wall 100' high with the savings. Then we'll really be safe!
  7. "See? We got the wall we were promised, just like he said. Thank God for Trump!"
  8. Can we get an update from the "Gary Johnson Voters" that were saying six months ago "Look, I don't really like the guy, but at least my 401(k) has been doing great!"?
  9. It is strange, especially since it's an aluminum company and earlier this year we slapped tariffs on aluminum imports because they're a threat to our national security. Well, initially they were exempted from the tariffs until that got blocked. I'm sure us bending over backwards to not put an undue burden on this one company is all coincidence though.
  10. @ren hoek It's difficult to tell from your post linking the YouTube video (almost seems like you're excited about the prospect of him being arrested), but I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on Bill Browder, what he is accused of, and how you think he should be handled.
  11. I tried but could not find the list of votes against the bill. I'm guessing my fine state is well-represented on that list.
  12. I made it through 40 pages before tapping out. Plenty of good discussion about Hillary's emails in there, thankfully!
  13. Jesus, these guys are dopes. Chairman Goodlatte. All right. We'll go on the record. This is the continuation of the transcribed interview of Mr. James Comey. And, Mr. Comey, do you understand that the questions you were asked at the beginning of the first day of interviews all still apply and that you are under oath? Mr. Comey. Yes, sir. This is not under oath, but I have an obligation to tell the truth. Chairman Goodlatte. Correct. So far as I am reading through, it hasn't gotten any better...
  14. Sadly, I am not surprised it has taken this long for someone to FINALLY investigate the Clintons.
  15. I'm sure Guiliani and Trump will come clean about it all now and tell the truth.
  16. So Flynn's lawyer lied to the Judge because he knew Flynn could not afford further litigation?
  17. THE COURT: Do you wish to challenge the circumstances on which you were interviewed by the FBI? THE DEFENDANT: No, Your Honor. THE COURT: At the time of your January 24th, 2017 interview with the FBI, were you not aware that lying to FBI investigators was a crime? THE DEFENDANT: I was not -- I was aware. THE COURT: You were aware? THE DEFENDANT: Yeah. THE COURT: Is it your contention that Mr. Flynn was entrapped by the FBI? MR. KELNER: No, Your Honor. THE COURT: Do you believe Mr. Flynn's rights were violated by the fact that he did not have a lawyer present for the interview? MR. KELNER: No, Your Honor. THE COURT: Is it your contention that any misconduct by a member of the FBI raises any degree of doubt that Mr. Flynn intentionally lied to the FBI? MR. KELNER: No, Your Honor. Please explain this, Trumpguys.
  18. I think that's like the fifth or sixth guilty plea that we've seen for things that "aren't even crimes." Amazingly poor lawyering on display here. Sad, really.
  19. What is that? (hippling the thread so may have been asked)
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