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  1. :greatposting: And don't get me started on all those moms that didn't do #### about drunk driving until their kids were killed by one.
  2. Eh, I'm glad we have this thread. It makes it easy for us to just bump our "Thoughts and Prayers" and "Nothing can be done" posts.
  3. What if we tried to simply reduce the numbers?
  4. Yes, Hillary really should really move on and stop with all the "lock him up!" chants at her rallies.
  5. Doesn't the person actually breaking a marriage vow deserve more severe repercussions than a stranger?
  6. Purchased, thanks! Reading 1* reviews on Amazon always cracks me up. For this one, roughly 40% of the people complained that it's too small and another 40% complained that it's too big.
  7. I just jumped from Pandora free to Spotify and think it's absolutely worth it. Being able to play just about any song you want to whenever you want ad-free is great. I like being able to listen to new albums in their entirety, too.
  8. I use the LWV guide as my main reference when going through the ballot. I know some of the names on there, but I have no clue who I want to sit on the 1st Court of Appeals, Place 6. The easiest way for me to exclude a candidate from my consideration is for them not to take the time to submit a response, or to not answer the question that was posed to them.
  9. I've got a toddler and simply drew a blank on this one. Too late to change my vote to Trolls?
  10. I've seen like five episodes. Figured the hot blonde chick would be #1 so went midget.
  11. You must have missed that whole period under President Trump from June to August when there were no school shootings. Must have been because the Lame Stream Media didn't report on that.
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