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  1. I'm guessing once E&Y gets done they'll find that random people with Yahoo accounts picked squares.
  2. Ah. I guess I wasn't signed into Yahoo because I didnt have an option to pick.
  3. Is there a way to see my squares without clicking on every ####### one?
  4. In for squares. If there's 9 left I'll take 4. Or I can take fewer of there aren't that many and someone else wants in.
  5. Okay, that makes sense. Unpaid leave is the way I've always understood FMLA to be.
  6. With some companies it is. I had to take vacation but got to spend about three weeks at home with the new baby. It was great. Big O&G companies have started giving new fathers 4 weeks that they can take in the first year in one-week blocks. Some are probably more generous.
  7. Does @pantagrapherhang out here? Saw on the tweeters that you're in Houston next week. Let me know if you want to grab beers or need any recommendations.
  8. Same thing happened with mine. Lady hands me the cup and I ask if there's a room or something. She says "There's a public restroom by the elevators."
  9. Kinda got glossed over, but did we ever figure out the most appropriate music to bring to wife fights?
  10. Nice. I bought tix for home game 4 which only would have happened had we played the Yankees and it went 7 so I got nothing. Stupid work trip. My only possible game is Thursday if our return flight lands on time.
  11. Like, both at the same time? Or Bo Duke once and then Luke Duke later?
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