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  1. On 3/17/2019 at 7:53 PM, Cjw_55106 said:

    Anyone go with just the egg whites? Is there a noticeable taste difference? 

    My wife just eats egg whites and says she doesn't really notice the difference. Which leaves me the yellows and I think they're much more flavorful than the whole egg.

  2. 19 hours ago, The Dude said:

    Technically, a young grandfather but no parents involved.

    I am in my 50's and the grandson is 11.  He's like a lot of kids and spends time in youth sports and Fortnite.  

    Looking for ideas - maybe it's hobbies - to bond or grow on a more personal level.  Any ideas from any of you dads out there?

    My kid and I bond over baseball. We both love it.

    My nephew is a big Fortnite player and loves when people watch him play, so that might be an avenue.

  3. On 5/27/2019 at 5:14 PM, parasaurolophus said:

    You would appreciate the ease then of a microwave breakfast taco. Soft tortilla on a plate. Bust an egg on it. Put some cheese on. Pop the yolk fold tortilla in half, microwave. Plate doesnt even need to be rinsed before dishwasher. No need to cover either. 

    How long in the microwave?

  4. 2 hours ago, jhib said:

    Didn't see the edit before my post. Has he left messages? If not, maybe he's just trying to apologize and make sure he's still on for Monday (since she hung up on him)?

    This is what I am thinking, too.

  5. I'm a DIY guy so recently changed the oil on the family truckster, Honda Odyssey. (Full synthetic, btw. None of that cheap dino ####.) Never again.

    Some idiot engineer decided to put the filter right above one of the frame rails so it's a PITA to reach and impossible to change the filter without oil running halfway down the length of the undercarriage. My Wrangler spoiled me with its ground clearance and ease of access.

  6. 10 hours ago, Quint said:

    Not ludicrous, but definitely a challenge. Lessons will help (do the drills your instructor suggests and practice with a purpose), but breaking 100 in the next 4-5 months will take more than that. 

    I’d focus on putting and short game as much as possible if your sole purpose is to score in the 90s. GL and stay positive. 


    It's definitely not my sole purpose to score in the 90s, but a stretch goal. Above all I want to have fun.

  7. I really suck at golf, but I do enjoy playing. I've been hitting some ####ty Zevo brand clubs that I picked up several years back for like $19.95 for the full set, including the bag.

    Decided to buy some decent clubs and got a set of Ping G2 irons on FB marketplace and a XR 16 5W and Odyssey 3T putter from the Callaway pre-owned site... about $400 for everything. Really excited to finally have some quality gear, even if it's not the latest tech.

    I know that equipment will only marginally help me so I'm also going to take some lessons. I've never had professional instruction but I feel like I'm pretty consistent with my swing so hoping a pro's eye can tell me what I'm doing wrong.

    My goal is to be shooting in the 90s by year-end. Is that ludicrous for someone who has played two rounds in the last three years?

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  8. 27 minutes ago, prefontaine said:

    I searched and Ben Carson doesn't appear to have his own thread. I am disappoint. 

    Anyway, for those in the RE industry - and I know there are a few - this is quite hilarious. Your HUD Secretary ladies and gents!

    Pffffft. Who needs "experts" to run anything? We need more people who tell it like it is in charge so America won't be the laughing stock of the world anymore.

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  9. 35 minutes ago, ditka...mike ditka said:

    I dont know what that means, but if that’s asking if I got any, unfortunately not. I was in line then it said it was a payment error, which is BS since everything was correct and I could buy something right after.

    Yep, was asking if you got them.

    "Payment error" is a pretty common occurrence when servers are getting slammed. It happens.

    I was going for the Trophy Room 5s today but missed out. Did manage to snag a pair of the Seoul AM97s so not all bad.

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