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  1. "Artisnal" In the Army for any ailment (toothache, VD, broken clavicle, etc.) they used to give us 800mg ibuprofen. For everything.
  2. In the "stupid things I've recently said" department: when I was getting my chipped tooth filled, the dentist asked if I wanted the laughing gas. I said "no."
  3. JFC. I've had the Heimlich performed on me once due to not adequately chewing and it's scary stuff. Hoping for a speedy and full recovery.
  4. I've never been through Marine boot camp but two of my brothers have and there were zero reports of stick eating.
  5. If you want minimal activity outdoors mixed with weed, I've heard frolf is where it's at.
  6. Dollar Dog night was a bust. Evidently it's my fault concessions was cash only and all I gave Mrs. Igno was a plastic card that she can insert into a machine to have it spit out stacks of money. On the plus side we got to eat $50 worth of cold footlongs (FTR that buys you four footlong weenies instead of fifty ####### Dollar Dogs, yay!). Oh yeah, chipped a tooth , too. Could have used some of those edibles. Meeting cos and the wife for a day game now so hoping for a better outcome today.
  7. Yeah, I've taken like eight of mine in the last six months. I'm horrible about taking meds.
  8. I'm sure your buddy would have been happy if you had just bought him a few beers, but I guess it's the thought that counts.
  9. My doc told me to take Flush-free Niacin to get my good cholesterol up.
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