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  1. On 4/26/2019 at 7:42 AM, Riffraff said:

    Pretty much spot on. It was something I came up with to build the community back in the day.

    I was Mystery Huddler #1. I had David Dorey emcee the first one as he posted my pics / hints.

    I then hosted it for the next 4 or 5 years. Pretty much started it 20 years ago - 1999ish.

    Comments will be hilarious and sometimes mean. May not be as big of a hit since the evolution of online social media / trolling / stalking.

    Hints for the Mystery Footballguy of the day:

    1. Hide that you are online and in the thread. Easy giveaway.

    2. Let it play out. Don't reply too much - that also gives you away. Even if you think you are making fun of yourself, you tend to out yourself.

    3. Wait for a consensus of a few people that it is you before revealing. Or wait for the emcee to ask you to reveal yourself.

    4. Must have thick skin for the comments about the smallest of things that just happen to be on the picture. It's not you people are looking at, it's everything else in the picture used for clues and comments. If you don't think you have a feature that is prominent... you will have one after this.  Fashion back in the day is grounds for ridicule today. Even if you have a person of the opposite sex in the pic... comments will be to the opposite attraction.

    5. Have fun with it. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at others. Make it so others will want to send in pics themselves.


    So it's like werewolf but with pictures of real people?

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  2. 1 hour ago, Zow said:

    It's a pretty common misperception, at least in my experience, that John Q. Public seems to think only one person can be charged with a particular crime.  For example, it's very legally possible that multiple people can simultaneously possess the same piece of contraband at the same time.  

    I've seen movies. That's double jeopardy, bub.

    Or maybe final jeopardy...

    But some kind of jeopardy for sure.

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  3. 14 hours ago, ren hoek said:

    I used to have a nice pair of glasses with transitions, and they worked great outdoors, but I couldn't deal with the 7-9 minute phase where you look like you're wearing sunglasses indoors.  Ever since I just keep two pairs of glasses, one for daily wear and the other for sun/outdoors.  I have a nice pair of glasses with high index lenses and blue light filter, and a pair of rx sunglasses with a pretty cool orange mirror tint.  🤓

    If you're a boomer and don't care so much about aesthetics you can get the little sunglass clipons from vision centers for like $15.  They also sell glasses with a little premade magnetic clip to fit the frame- just be mindful not to lose the clip!  

    I had the glasses that came with magnetic sunglass overlay but you're still basically carrying around two pairs of glasses.

    Appreciate the feedback on transitions. Confirms what I am seeing out there.

  4. On the subject of spectacles, any opinions on the Transitions (or other brands) lenses? Anyone have a version they like?

    Everyone I've seen with them seem to take a while to change so the guys are walking around indoors with half sunglasses but as a glasses wearer I'd rather not buy two pairs if there's something out there that will work as sunglasses.

  5. 2 hours ago, parasaurolophus said:

    Just looked it up and it has both. I have had beer brewed with yams before and didnt have to take a plunger to my face. 

    We could fill a lengthy thread with ####ty craft beers but just because some brewer put something unusual in a beer that you didn't like doesn't really count against that ingredient in my book.

  6. 4 hours ago, Soulfly3 said:

    ya, i always get this look of being totally insane when i mention it. 

    i just cant get myself to like it. that being said, I dont generally like sugar. i dont drink pop, barely eat candy, and anything "sugar coated" is off my list.

    heck, i only use milk in my coffee. no sugar, no sweetener

    Man, I will take shots of good maple syrup straight. Can't stand the HFCS stuff.

  7. 26 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

    "Dumb enough to run behind a dog while jogging"

    Is this supposed to be some huge indictment of someone's decision making? Is running behind a dog supposed to be like running behind a jet engine or something? I live in a city, where the #### else are you supposed to run if not on the sidewalks where the dogs also are? 

    Acting like it is normal, justified behavior for a dog to attack a human being for having the temerity to run behind it shows just how far down the rabbit hole you've gone. 

    Good call. List updated.

    "Breeders are the problem..."

    "Owners are the problem..."

    "The Media is the problem..."

    "The statistics are the problem..."

    "The victims are the problem..."

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  8. 15 minutes ago, Thorn said:

    There are endless stories about pit bulls that were sweethearts until they mauled someone to death. 

    Same with labradoodles, too. Seems like every other week you hear about one that was the sweetest rescue one day and then suddenly snapped and mauled a kid to death.

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