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  1. I voted 1 because I don’t know what that dark streak down 1’s back is.
  2. We're all flawed but McCain is an American hero. The way some people are denigrating him is absolutely unconscionable.
  3. Shocking. Almost makes it seem like it was all just a political stunt from Nunes. Almost.
  4. Extorting the president is a crime, isn't it? Why pay someone off who is committing a crime?
  5. What do you want them to have a phone for? Guarantee a flip phone satisfies those needs.
  6. All it takes is an Obama appointed law enforcement officer going before an Obama appointed judge and a secret handshake. Duh.
  7. C'mon Nap. Donald is notorious for just paying whatever he gets billed without asking for any details. Usually he tosses in a little lagniappe for the other parties' troubles, too.
  8. Added a minor detail that I'm sure is not significant at all.
  9. But they "funneled it through a lawyer" so it's totally legit.
  10. If it were the truth it would have been their immediate response.
  11. So we are to believe that Donald paid Cohen $420k for Cohen's $130k payment (plus some for taxes and profit)? Clearly there were other payoffs lumped in there too, right?
  12. It's been heavily speculated that Mueller does not feel 100% confident that he can legally charge the sitting president so will present the facts to Congress for action.
  13. We like to say we're priming the pump. Have you heard this term "priming the pump"?
  14. People love talking about their kids. How many, how old, what they're in to, etc. And pets. You can ask if they did anything fun last weekend. Any trips coming up. What brought them to the city.
  15. Don't worry... some of that will eventually trickle down to everyone else and you'll be able to afford a Costco membership or something.
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