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  1. "I get emails about him every day" suddenly became "well google him if you doubt he's in the news, libturds." It really is okay to not double-down every time someone calls you on your bull####.
  2. When I was in Basic Training we had this goofy dude that was always ####### up, Private Smith. Drill Sergeant would say "Right Face!" and Smith would be the only dude to turn left. #### like that. Every night in the barracks we had to rotate guard duty. It was like a two hour shift where a couple of guys had to be awake in case there was a fire or something. You'd do your 2 hours and then wake up the next guy. It was assigned on a rotational basis but you could also get it if you ####ed up. I maybe had it twice in the eight weeks. Smith being a perpetual ####up had guard duty every. Singl
  3. I think I posted my story in there of how I unwittingly ended up at one with Mrs. Igno. We were getting separate massages so she's in the next room. My massage started all normal until the lady told me to lie on my back and then started rubbing down there a lot. She would move up to my neck and shoulders every once in a while and then back downstairs. She must have gone back and forth like five or six times. I was so shocked I just laid there the whole time until she gave up. Mrs. Igno said it was the best massage she'd ever had, and even insisted we tip her masseur an extra $50.
  4. We're just trying to become great again, bub, not elite.
  5. This is what we already know to be fact and what people have admitted to. Yet people still think the investigation is baseless and has produced nothing.
  6. Wouldn't it be crazy if you got suspended last year for posting this thread this year?
  7. Yeah, looking forward to getting them in-hand. They're different but I like them. Those DB6s are a nice come up. Looks like they're going for $1,000 on StockX... can't imagine paying that much for a pair of sneakers. I'm a retail or less kind of guy. Which 4s are you going after?
  8. Actually got the Couture 1s bia SNKRS. But yeah, never won a draw on SNKRS for anything really hyped.
  9. Formula in Column B would be: ="Q"&CHOOSE(MONTH(A2),2,2,2,3,3,3,4,4,4,1,1,1)&" "&ROUNDUP(YEAR(A2+92),0) Formula in Column C would be: ="FY "&ROUNDUP(YEAR(A2+92),0)
  10. Have the "process crime" apologists come in laughing at this whole investigation yet? Or is lying to investigators a big deal now?
  11. Jeez... Mrs. Igno and I both claim 0 and single on our W-4s and usually get a decent return back (save your "tax-free loan" nuggets, folks) but all you guys with 0 exemptions and still owing are scaring the crap out of me.
  12. Use google: https://www.google.com/search?q=laptop+backpack+site%3Aforums.footballguys.com
  13. Pissed I didn't get the OW AJ1s when they dropped even though I had notifications turned on and everything.
  14. This is probably a dumb question from someone who knows very little about cryptocurrencies, but with most of these investments aren't you buying the underlying currency? So their value will definitely matter to someone who owns a stack of them, right? And also how do the software companies and networks monetize cryptocurrency transactions? Trying to better understand all of this.
  15. Put me down in the camp that thinks it's okay for parents to influence their children's behavior. Edgy, I know.
  16. I agree that bots suck but you yourself want scarcity in this specific shoe. If every single person that wanted it could easily buy it, then wrapping it in saran wrap for twenty years would maybe get you your money back. The guys that post pics of twenty pairs piss me off but I can't get mad at someone selling their shoes for market value. Taking Ls is a part of the game.
  17. Hey, you're welcome to sit next to my toddler if you like. In 15 minutes you'll be begging me to switch seats.
  18. Yeah, I spent too much on shoes this week. Got the Social Status 6s, then doubled up on the Infrareds. At the mall yesterday walked in to Foot Action and lucky for me they had the Turbo Green 1s in my size.
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