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  1. I heard someone in the press brought up the 1st amendment recently. Probably need an investigation.
  2. You mean (((Rosenstein))) right? Or who is "rothstein"?
  3. Thanks for the thread. Now I'm making gumbo tonight!
  4. Have your trinity diced and ready. This is critical. I use 1:1 vegetable oil to flour. Cook over medium-high heat in a heavy-bottomed pot, whisking constantly. Cook until it's done... you want a dark brick color. It maybe takes 30 minutes but you really just have to judge. Lighter roux results in thicker gumbo with less depth of flavor. Dark brick is your goal. Whisk constantly. Any black bits and you've burnt it and need to start from scratch. As soon as it hits the right color, kill the heat and stir in trinity to stop the cooking. I cook my okra separately until it cooks down
  5. So looks like the CI didn't actually buy drugs at the house where police executed a pre-dawn, no-knock raid which resulted in the shootout that killed the two residents and injured five police officers. “We know for a fact that, more than likely, the investigating officer will be charged with a serious crime at some point,” [HPD Police Chief] Acevedo said.
  6. Lady I work with's husband died of an infected ingrown toenail that turned him septic.
  8. "See, someone posts a differing opinion and everyone attacks them. Echo chamber!"
  9. Yeah, I get the shoulder pain, too, and have consciously been trying to keep that arm at my side rather than under the pillow. Definitely takes getting used to.
  10. Mostly stomach and it's horrible. Wish I could be a ba k sleeper.
  11. Probably reinvested that $12.85 of interest for another $0.0042 gain.
  12. We put most of it in the IRA to reduce the prior year's tax liability.
  13. So based on reporting, the staff at Bedminster definitely did the former. Management would direct people to the illegal channels where they could acquire papers.
  14. I like to occasionally remind myself that this all really started to unravel because the president's lawyer signed his own name on a document attempting to silence a porn star that the president had slept with.
  15. If you don't actually read the OSC mandate or any of the indictments and pleas and just believe what you see on T_D, you'd think the whole Mueller investigation was set up solely to get Trump. You'd be an idiot, but that's where your frame of reference would be so you'd see the results achieved as a complete failure.
  16. Yes, that's what I was shooting for there. Just attempting a joke.
  17. Looks like that is their K4 Master System which includes additional accessories over the basic K4. I really had no issues stabilizing my work (mostly done on the garage floor) but I could see where clamping to a bench top would make life easier.
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