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  1. Ok. Keep resisting then. Because that's been productive. Definitely frustrating though for the 76% of adults 18+ in the U.S. that have received at least one shot. Same circular arguments over and over. It's almost as if creating swirl is the actual intention. NB: Because people repeat things and then they somehow become "fact", I'll address this very old point: No one locked down. Link to people not being able to leave their house? Go to the grocery store? The pharmacy? Target, Walmart, Home Depot? In the beginning the limited shutdowns are what we had to slow the spread. Segregation and discrimination. Talk about first world problems. "I'm the victim!". Tiring.
  2. It's a novel Coronavirus. Learning new things about it all the time should be expected. This idea of "that's not what they said though!", get past it. For example, the idea that we may need booster shots, did anyone ever guarantee you absolutely 100% that the shots were a one and done scenario? Is it so appalling that we may need boosters that we just resort to "SEE! NOTHING WORKS!" C'mon.
  3. There's a real gubernatorial election in CA in 14 months. Maybe instead of wasting $300M on this BS they could work on the homeless problem or COVID or wildfires, etc. Tighten up the "recall" process (i.e. it's a joke) and put up a good candidate in the actual election cycle. I don't see the GOP as out of the picture in CA at all. Maybe don't focus on performative theatrics and "rigged elections" so much. It's tiresome.
  4. Embarrassing waste of money. Work on the homeless problem with that money. Performative nonsense. There are elections, yes? Handle it then.
  5. "Correct me if I'm wrong Sandy, but if I kill all the golfers they'll lock me up and throw away the key." - Carl Spackler
  6. IMO there should be a testing option. I'm not a fan of forced mandates by the government. I could see requiring the vaccine for schools and the military like many vaccines are currently, but the vaccine isn't even approved for 5-11 year olds yet. The timing on this isn't right IMO. They should absolutely prioritize approving the vaccine for 5-11 year olds first before going down the road of mandates. In the meantime encouraging employers, etc.
  7. This is the answer. To basically everything about this topic.
  8. Sure. I tend to rely pretty heavily on data, but this whole discussion is a good reminder to double-check the blind spots once in a while.
  9. The points about for-profit medicine and pharmaceuticals are noted and I believe have some validity. Vaccines for measles, smallpox and polio, for example, I don't view that in the same category though. You don't eradicate diseases by accident. The Covid vaccine probably won't eradicate Covid like some of those others, but data shows the vaccine to be highly effective in reducing hospitalizations and deaths. How do you feel about using data in your decision making process? By that I mean really large numbers, quantitative enough to have statistical estimation applied. Into it? Or "damn statistics and lies"? "I can make the data say anything"? Those are widely held attitudes as well, just curious where you sort of fall on that spectrum.
  10. This is basically where I am. I usually add "you don't simply get to decide for others just because you feel strongly about it" and I do realize that's probably not a great approach for discussion. But it's not pro-choice "except for the things I feel strongly about". It's pro-choice. The anti-abortion stance is anti-choice. As for consistency, I also agree the government should not mandate COVID-19 vaccinations. My personal desired outcome is zero abortions and 100% vaccinations, but I'm articulating that I understand those choices are not mine to make for other people, and shouldn't be.
  11. Exactly. Businesses, schools, buses, etc. can all be taking advantage of airflow in low cost ways. Way more focus should be placed on this. Also including Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), HEPA filters, MERV 15 and 16 rated filters, etc. which are costly but that's a poor excuse given what's at stake.
  12. Re: ventilation. If a room were filled with smoke, would you rather take a fan to the room to disperse the smoke or wear a mask and sit in the smoke filled room? I realize "doing both" is an acceptable answer, and when it's a nasty virus you do what you can, but governments and businesses should be paying more attention to the ventilation aspect of mitigation, to me that would seem productive and less debatable on the efficacy.
  13. The lack of discussion and action on ventilation has certainly been a hole in our response. The CDC published some decent guidelines for schools and childcare settings in February, but they don't receive enough attention. These recommendations should be mandatory wherever possible, and dollars should be set aside specifically to ensure schools can afford to retrofit their systems. I guess that's not exciting enough material for the school board theatre though.
  14. 61% vs. 48% Mayo Clinic Vaccine Tracker by State IIRC from the UK and Israeli data the sharp declines seem to occur at the 60-65% range. Some of that data is pre-delta though. If it weren't for delta we probably could have gotten away with the lower rates.
  15. Texas has 25M residents, NY has 20M residents. TX hospitalizations: 13,545 NY hospitalizations: 2,356 NY Hospitalizations King County in WA publishes a dashboard by vaccination status, including hospitalizations and deaths. Rate of hospitalizations: Unvaccinated: 6.24 per 100,000 persons Vaccinated: 0.13 per 100,000 persons People who are not vaccinated are 49 times more likely to be hospitalized than people who are fully vaccinated. King County Dashboard In my line of work the question would be "what is causing the differences?" I'd entertain any hypothesis that doesn't include vaccination status and vaccination rates in the explanation of these data, but it better be good.
  16. One more time in the hopes it gets through. I don't like abortions. I wish no one would ever have to get an abortion. If someone chooses to get an abortion, it's not my business. And, most importantly, it's not up to me to make that decision for other people. If you think you get to make that decision for other people, therein lies the issue. You are anti-choice. Mind your own business.
  17. Posts in this thread summarize pretty well why the US response to this virus has been among the worst on the globe. Especially in states where this mindset is more prevalent.
  18. Father Trump will announce he’s running in 2024 in Iowa per Gym Jordan. His platform will be the 2020 election was stolen.
  19. Exactly. This case should also highlight the obvious: the approval of the vaccine in 5-11 year olds is critical to opening schools safely, and the fact this wasn't prioritized and kids just went back to school anyway with little to no mitigation in some places is borderline criminal. People discussing vaccination rates, how some places are doing with 18+ year olds, etc. Meanwhile 5-11 year olds sitting by wondering why no vaccine for them. It's almost insane. Newsflash, they're going to approve the vaccine for this group at 10mcg.
  20. Got it. For the record I respect your opinion and specifically wanted to tell you that.
  21. So because you didn't like the choice your daughter made, therefore no women should get to choose for themselves, including in retrospect your daughter. Wow.
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