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  1. His first two years in the league, other teams gave him the #1 WR treatment, but he didn't have a competent QB. Last year he gets a competent QB. HOWEVER, he also gets AJ Brown. Opposing teams still treated him like the #1 WR. Tannehill was satisfied looking elsewhere than at the #1 coverage. This year, teams are more often treating Davis like the #2 WR, the first time in his career. I read before the Chicago game that the Bears were expected to cover Davis with their better CB. I benched him. It wasn't that I thought he couldn't get open, it is Tannehill's reluctance to challenge th
  2. Or when Gannon went 5-1 after taking over for an injured Grbac (who started the first nine games) earning the #1 seed. Grbac came back for the meaningless last game of regular season. Grbac then started the playoff game...
  3. Is it though? Indications so far are Peterson is the starting RB and Gibson the starting OW (offensive weapon). Should Peterson go down (or when he was not practicing), Love was the starting RB and Gibson the starting OW. If Peterson is not practicing AND Gibson is running with the 1s over Love, then yes, turning tables.
  4. I am trying to fully understand what is up with Corey Davis. He has very good size, speed, quickness, and even work ethic. So far it is that he isn't good against press coverage and he has shown a general inability to put it all together in games despite showing it in practice. I cam across this article touting AJB https://www.musiccitymiracles.com/2019/12/19/21028713/film-review-a-j-browns-monster-day-against-the-texans. I was looking at Corey Davis in the videos. 1. Nothing to see here. [Own goal line. No Corey Davis. Bomb to AJB.] 2. Man coverage. Davis and AJB on opposite si
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