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  1. If true thats sickening. I think PSU falls of the map after this disgusting episode. JoePa built it up and nuked it down. Recruits are definitely going to think twice about coming to the school when EVERY away football (and Basketball and every other sport) game from here out for years to come will have Pedobear pictures and other similar signs, chants, etc. The circus is going to be ongoing for years.
  2. That slimy cheese doesn't work on the Burgers. The proper use for it is turning those big steak fries into Nachos. Not there is a Fuddrucker's nearby anymore for me.But a Five Guys did just open up nearby in the past month. This thread reminds me I need to try them.
  3. Can someone clear this up for me since this is a show I watch on DVRLast night Leonard was dating Priya, yet the week before he was more then happy to sleep with Penny at the conference they went to. That is uncharacteristic of his character a bit, isnt it? I didnt think he would cheat on a girlfriend or it could just be that it was a repeat that I had never seen before Yep.
  4. This whole season has been very underwhelming. Maybe they decided to change something with the Thurs move, but they've had maybe one or two memorable eps this season so far at most.
  5. He is also the voice of the computer in Robert Downy, Jr.'s house in the Iron Man movies.He's also married to Jennifer Connelly
  6. Since it wasn't posted, Kaley Cuoco broke her leg in a horseriding accident. They wrote her out of the episode they were filming when it happened, then they went on a planned filming break. They've added a couple of weeks to the break, but no word on whether Kaley will be written out of a few episodes when they start back up, or whether they'll include the injury into the show.
  7. Considering that he was one of King's inspiration for the character, definitely.For name actors, Viggo Mortensen is 'grizzled' enough to play it well. I think Nathan Fillon is a little too 'pretty boy' to play the role, but I would definitely not mind it if he was cast.
  8. Didn't order it right away, but I've now had mine for 3 days, so this is my
  9. And to add one non-hormonally produced admiration post, the fight scene with Chuck and Sarah handcuffed was nicely choreographed, and the Casey/Morgan portion of the fight was nicely reminiscent of the first season fight with Chuck tied to Casey's back. A definite to all the non-Yvonne's panties sections of last night episodes
  10. He snuck into Casey's apartment because he was worried that Casey was a stalker, and triggered a security lockdown in the apartment as he found all the surveillance on Chuck. At that point, there was no way to lie it away, so Chuck told him
  11. Out of curiousity, is this actually the case? Is the world's wealth actually being concentrated into a smaller and smaller percentage of people? Just going by medieval times, pretty much everyone was extremely poor other than the king and a few nobles. I'd say that's probably been the case generally throughout history. I'm not searching for a link, but yeah, that is definitely the case. And the trend has had a sharp incline over the past 30 years.
  12. Kristen Kreuk was supremely annoying in Smallville. So far, that isn't the case on Chuck, luckily. She was very likeable, and I'm looking forward to see where it goes, but I still prefer Sarah.
  13. Next time, just use the [ SPOILER ] tag. But no one died at the end, if that helps, as he is in the previews for next week needing Chuck's help. (and the ep. name is Chuck vs Operation Awesome)
  14. My Comcast guide shows a new episode next week.
  15. Nope, still can't explain it. The writing isn't anything amazing (although the "Sam Kennison and the Indian Lesbian" line from the finale they re-aired Friday on Sci-Fi is up there) and there aren't any amazing acting jobs on it (although Yvonne is amazingly hot). But Chuck is, by a large margin, one of my favorite shows on TV. It has picked up right where it left off, and, until LOST is back, it's the highlight of my TV week.
  16. Yep. Probably one of the best episodes of the series
  17. Jim Parsons was just amazing in the scene where Kaley asked him to comfort her.
  18. OK, the Windows 7 commercials with the idiots saying they thought of it. Why, in their flashbacks, are they much more attractive than regular. The chick with the dog and the college student who wants someone to pay her rent are both boring dishwater blondes with short hair. Their flashbacks both have long blonde hair and are much hotter. I just thought it was strange until I saw one today with a fat black guy who was a thin, built black guy in his flashback. So WTF is going on?
  19. Oh noes. It snowed. GW must be a lie.How many of these stupid but almost identical posts have we had over the past few years?And how many were made during the winter?I'd guess it's been a pretty even distribution. Any time there's a cold snap it gets posted, no matter if it's a winter blizzard or a mild stretch in summer.
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