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  1. the FBG pods mentioned TY in the recap, waiver wire and on the couch... but admittedly, nobody seemed to question the severity of lacy's injury until late tuesday/early wednesday
  2. nobody is calling him a bust. i hope he blows up and becomes a pro bowler. i'm just pointing out that he's in rare territory, as shown by the fact that you have to go back over a decade to find high drafted receivers who sat on the sidelines this deep into a season and who went on to do something. the only guy of that batch who's rookie year was in the last ten years, d thomas, was actually injured but once he was active he saw playing time and targets. and it's not really the lack of production that stands out at this point. it's the lack of snaps this deep into the season that make it tough to find favorable comparisons for treadwell. if you don't care about historical comps or you think his coach makes his situation completely unique, then we won't agree on the importance of that point.
  3. are we convinced gillislee is the back to own? jonathan williams got some burn last week and was scouted as a potential every down back coming into the season. any bills homers?
  4. his value has continued to tank. at this point if he ever becomes a reliable FF starter, he'd be in a class of his own as far as awful rookie seasons go... no chance you're getting thomas or shephard for him. he's probably somewhere around dyno WR6-10 in this class now as far as trade value goes. if you can trade him for someone in that range, probably a good idea to go and at least get some kid who has managed to have the ball thrown his way at least once... woof.
  5. i don't think his value is in being a lamar handcuff. his value was predicated on turning into a woodhead type slasher who was FF relevant even in a timeshare, not as someone who would take over three down RB duties if lamar went down...
  6. yeah you could see ervin on the field on the first fumble, but it wasn't him.
  7. i was responding to you talking about me. so, please, just leave me alone. find someone else to troll, bubba.
  8. why are you even in this thread engaging with me? seriously. what offends you so much? is life that hard for you? go get help and leave me alone, please. thanks.
  9. i'm holding out hope. but would be interested to hear if anyone's traded him lately and what those deals look like. his value has to be below fuller & coleman right now. and i'd imagine it would be difficult to get shephard or doctson for him straight up...
  10. psuedoscience is looking at past rookies game logs now? i'm just curious about this situation and having a conversation. sorry if that offends you.
  11. really not good company treadwell is in here... AJ jenkins & jon baldwin are the only recent first rounders i could find who started out so invisible. those guys are out of the league already. brian quick was the 33rd pick and saw the field sparingly the first few weeks... i'd suppose at this point there's not much you can do if you picked him, but the fact he barely saw the field the first two weeks and was now a healthy scratch ain't good.
  12. did you travel in a time machine from 2008? basically every backfield is a RBBC now.
  13. he was RB24 as the lead back in 2014. and that was with zero touchdowns. which is pretty flukey even if someone else is getting all the touches inside the 10. (btw the only touchdowns asiata scored while McKinnon was the guy were in one game and all came on one yard carries a play or two after McKinnon got a carry inside the 15 or 10.) i'll take that. and heck if he scores a few TDs along the way he'll probably be a good to average RB2. gravy.
  14. do they? McKinnon was used in pass pro and third downs quite a bit last year and out touched asiata in the red zone and goal line.
  15. i'm sitting him for emmanuel sanders at the moment. i'll check in to see how he "looks" in warmups. not a fan of benching high end FF guys this early in the year, but i consider sanders a pretty decent option. but once any good news comes out in the hour up to the game or the first "he looks healthy!" from a sideline reporter, i'll probably put him back in...
  16. haven't played redraft in about a decade, but thanks for the advice.
  17. did i use the term scientific study? why are you putting it in quotes? you're being kind of defensive about someone just asking for historical comps... really? i'm not capable of understanding small sample sizes and the volatility and unpredictability of a single game of football just because i'm curious about other first round receivers who started so low on the depth chart at the beginning of a season? it's not like i'm asking something really weird like: hey what other rookies went 2 for 23 in their first game and became pro bowlers???? it's just a basic snaps/depth chart question. it's an odd world when curiosity implies a lack of intelligence. ok. so you'd still pick him #2. i wouldn't and think you'd be in the minority there. in fact, by week four of the preseason when he hadn't moved up the depth chart, he was already starting to slip in dyno drafts... i think a couple FBGs even dropped him closer to 10 by the end of the preseason. but whatever. good to know that you'd put your threshold at closer to 8 games. (isn't constructive dialogue fun??!?) what's with this? again, pretty defensive considering my strongest take was: hey guys, what other first rounders have basically been been healthy scratches in week 1 and still went on to have productive FF careers? lol
  18. at 10% of the cap for four years, sammy is a firm hold. that's a great contract through the sweetheart of his twenties. his value will definitely be higher some point in the next four years than it is right now, even if this whole season is a bust.
  19. i was watching several games so can't speak to the whole game, but saw him twist up defenders two times. he looked excellent from what i saw. but admittedly, there wasn't a lot to see as the bills offense only had 5 passing first downs and gained 160 total yards. they were basically three and outing it the whole game. i'd say if he plays, you still start him.
  20. he's in my lineup over watkins... he got a red zone target, too. the broncos were a little run heavy down there (6 attempts) but they did throw it four times and three inside the 10. the opportunities for sanders should be there...
  21. i traded this guy preseason for a 2017 second rookie pick and i think i'm gonna really regret that. love his game and thought he looked great on sunday. has the makings of a target and yardage monster this year.
  22. interesting week 1 for crowder. 10 targets, 6 catches for 58 yards. 4 red zone targets, too... that's a lot of looks near the goal line. he's not sexy but people sleepin on this guy.
  23. tall order indeed. but his usage in game 1 seems to be going way under the radar. kid saw the field a good amount. he didn't get his hands on the ball much so waiver wire people are talking quite a bit more about other RBs. but will be interesting to see how the team brings him along in week 2. i could see him settling in to the 5-10 touch role pretty fast. might be a sneaky add in 14 to 16 team leagues.
  24. i tried searching for this, but doesn't seem he's got his own thread. he's a tad undersized at 5'10" & 192 lbs. but he comps pretty well with danny woodhead. he saw 15% of the snaps week one. it's doubtful he'd ever see the workhorse role should anything happen to lamar, but i am surprised there's so little talk of such an explosive rookie who's basically the receiving down back for a team right off the bat. anyone stashing this guy or have hopes he works his way into fantasy relevancy this season?
  25. right. because my whole point is about having one bad FF game... but this isn't about results. it's about opportunities. and i'm curious about highly picked healthy rookie receivers getting little to no opportunities. and even though i know you're just being a #####, no. gurley wouldn't be any lower than he was the other day. i'm sure plenty of 2nd year RBs who had studly rookie years had a bad first game 2nd year. he still started. he's still the main focal point on offense. and be honest: would you draft fuller, shepard, sharpe, coleman ahead of treadwell now? i'm thinking a good number of people who drafted treadwell would pull a trigger straight up right now for any of those guys... and hey. i'm holding treadwell until he gets some game action at least. i'm just trying to find historical examples. i'm glad someone like roddy white exists. it just makes me a little nervous that it was so long ago...
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