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  1. 14 - 18 for 140 yards... not a bad start for lock.
  2. only one half but my goodness he looks so much better than all last year...
  3. yeah. rookie RB's notoriously never see their usage grow over the season. ever.
  4. he was on the field for 40%+ of the snaps, so it's not like the team just threw him in there at the end. and judging by the play, i'm not sure the play was drawn up just for him. there were three routes out left: one short near the sideline, a post route / 15 yard in by marvin jones (i think) and swift racing to the corner. it looks like stafford's first read was jones but he had two defenders near him while swift got past his man and stafford took the shot.
  5. he looked very involved early on. great to see the three deep targets and a couple carries out of the gate. good sign he came back out after that injury and a good sign he avoided a major injury. he didn't get another look or carry after that tough tackle and he wasn't out there on every snap like he had been before. it's hard to tell from home with the crummy NFL camera angles if the panthers made halftime adjustments on him or if the team wanted to use him as a decoy even though he was hobbled. a lot of dynasty players who were able to snag him as the 6th or 7th WR off the board c
  6. i'm not a big "narrative" guy but that drop was the type of thing that will haunt an athlete. here's hoping he uses it as fuel to work harder and harder.
  7. definitely a long way to go, but goedert and the expected cap shrinkage next year might really be forcing the eagles hand on denying ertz' extension... still don't see ertz' being traded during the season with their lack of true receiving options unless someone blows the eagles away (or ertz requests a trade).
  8. this guy takes steps every offseason and it's fun to watch him develop. if he can get that completion % up to the mid 60s, he could really take the bills places.
  9. you might be cherry picking a bit here. a lot of good to great FF TEs are left off your list. shannon sharpe, vernon davis, jared cook, ben watson, delanie walker, dallas clark, ben coates all took more than two years to become reliable FF starters. and that's along with kelce, ertz & olsen like you mentioned. and this year, darren waller, hunter henry, tyler higbee & hayden hurst are all ranked in the top 10 and none of them broke out in their first two years. and if you dip into the late TE1 / early TE2 area in dynasty rankings, guys like mike gesicki, dallas goedert,
  10. as a rule of thumb, i wait until a TE's 3rd years to roster them or perhaps the end of their 2nd year. but with kittle and mark andrews making early impacts (and the general wasteland at the position), it seems a shift toward earlier production at TE may be underway. the 2nd year guys this year feel like they're still a bit pricey (hockenson, fant, irv smith) so i am starting to look at this rookie class, too. and i like tautman's market share (97th percentile). so even though he went to a small school, at least he beasted while he was there. seems like one
  11. the thing i love about akers chances this year is his pass pro. watching a lot of all 22 recently, and the guy makes a lot of great reads and blocks. if a rookie can do that, it's often hard to keep them off the field.
  12. this one will be unpopular but sometimes dynasty people overcorrect after a poor rookie season. dwayne haskins will be a popular upside QB2 in dyno formats next offseason, ahead of lock.
  13. i don't know what i'd pay for him in redraft, but in dynasty/keeper formats, he definitely has that "buy now" look. might have to overpay some to pry him away, but if his manager is in win-now mode you might be able to snag him. backup RBs with legit upside and upcoming free agency don't come along that often.
  14. browns kept 5 tight ends... i wonder how actively they're shopping njoku.
  15. mike clay has rodrigo 5th in his projections. https://twitter.com/MikeClayNFL/status/1302348509560020998?s=20
  16. players with 4+ years are immediate free agents. no waivers here.
  17. maybe i'm taking crazy pills but swift falling to 1.04 - 1.06 in dynasty drafts is really hard to align with pre-draft talk from 2018 to 2020.
  18. chiefs were sniffing around fournette. makes sense that they'd chat with peterson to see if he'd come there for ~ 150 carries...
  19. i agree that the QB suppressed his overall numbers some but several receivers outperformed him with similarly bad QB play. jarvis landry, allen robinson, DJ moore, devante parker, courtland sutton all outperformed boyd by a wide margin with similarly poor QB play. and only robinson had more targets...
  20. he's solid, but in his 4th year and as the clear #1 on the team, i wanted to see more from him. he still had solid numbers but for my money, he didn't really take that next step. he was 7th in targets, 22nd in yards, 23rd in standard scoring and... 94th in yards per target. ouch. the bengals grabbing a WR with WR1 upside in the 2nd suggests the bengals feel the same...
  21. from a dynasty perspective, this guy seems to have one of the best shots among rookie WRs to have more value next offseason than this.
  22. PFF says the vested veteran clause is still part of the CBA
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