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  1. i have him in over burkhead, josh gordon and corey davis. hope he plays--would love to see him get a big workload so i know what he is--but guess i'll roll the dice with burkhead if we get bad news sunday morning.
  2. he's in over burkhead & corey davis for me at the moment... i think if ajayi plays, i'll stick burkhead in.
  3. ah thanks diggs had a great rookie year but did have a long stretch where he posted 31 or fewer yards in 5 of 6 games. without looking it up, i'd imagine his trade value at that point was lower than it was after his first or second game of the season. allen though is definitely someone who had very few down games to start his career and his value has probably never dipped below where it started that season. so i stand corrected: OBJ and keenan are two receivers whose value never dipped after they put themselves on the map. it's possible this is the lowest ca
  4. i think odds are good that he'll have moments where his price is cheaper. i think the smart play is to hold off on purchasing callaway right now and wait for one of those windows this season. (seems likely with jarvis in the picture...) you think odds are good that his price will go up and up and up. that's rare and very few guys ever do that. it takes a lot of faith and probably turning a blind eye to WR history to have the view you have about callaway, but good luck!!
  5. that's pretty bullish and puts callaway in pretty rare class of receiver. can't think of many rookie WRs i've ever felt like you about and the only guy who ever made me regret this philosophy is odell. he's the only one i can think of (off hand) whose price basically went up from the moment he hit the field... who knows how it'll play out but there's a lot to suggest that callaway doesn't have quite the trifecta of talent/polish/opportunity that OBJ had.
  6. maybe. i think odds are pretty good with jarvis around that there will be at least one opportunity to go get callaway following two straight 2 for 21 type games. haven't seen many rookies come in with a clear cut WR1 and post nothing but good to great games the entire year...
  7. he's talented but like most rookies, there's going to be a lot of inconsistency, especially since jarvis landry isn't going anywhere. i'd tell people to hold off on acquiring him just yet. there will be plenty of times this season to get callaway at a cheaper, less hyped point.
  8. i'm surprised at how little attention hines gets on lists like this. perhaps his preseason fumbles are still freaking a lot of people out but he's on the field about 43% of the snaps through two weeks. that's pretty high for a rook. if you're looking for a guy who hast the talent and current opportunity to be a lotto ticket and doesn't need an injury to get there, he's your guy (and you don't have to play much of a waiting game). the team should be playing from behind a bit this year, he's the guy the team expects can keep luck on his feet and he has big play tools. i'd
  9. mack already came back. my point was that hines didn't see much of a decrease in PT when he did. there's reasons he's a bit off the radar, but imo any homerun type RB on the field that much (especially in their first two professional games) is probably worth monitoring.
  10. crickets on this guy. but i think he's a solid buy low / pre-hype stash right now. his usage ticked down a bit in week 2, but he was still on the field a lot and has seen 43% of the snaps through two weeks. (for comparison, lindsay has been on the field for about 38% of the broncos plays.) hines' snap count dipped a couple points with mack's return but not all that much. plus he got a carry inside the 10 that he converted so the team is trusting him in high leverage situations. i'm not sure what to make of him but... sometimes i look for guys whose PT exceed
  11. i am losing faith but i remember cutting dion lewis early last year when it looked like he wouldn't be involved... i'm gonna hold a couple more weeks but i'm not thrilled with how little he's being used.
  12. someone cut josh gordon to pick up a receiver for this week. guess they figured he failed a test... blind bidding on him is gonna be bonkers.
  13. corey is in my lineup over amari. it's not an easy decision, i just feel like the targets will be there.
  14. i can see him putting up a duke johnson type season if they keep leaning on him with the dump offs and he was RB16 in standard last year. if the last few years have taught us anything, it's that the right guy in the right system can put up very good RB2 numbers even on limited touches.
  15. still think his legs will give him a nice floor in most formats. but if you're in a league that gives heavy penalties for turnovers, it might be a real long year.
  16. when i saw that play in the endzone, i was shocked. "since when can ertz get up like that??" then the showed a replay and i realized it was goedert... wow he looks gifted and they clearly know it. they drew that play up the first time they got down in the red zone. i'd definitely keep my fingers crossed that he's quiet the next game and then buy buy buy.
  17. you can certainly be patient depending on the league/roster. but some people who were hoping he might be more involved in the early going, even with a healthy-ish ajayi, can at least cut him knowing that he almost definitely needs a severe injury to ajayi to be useful. if you have an immediate need or if someone surprises on sunday or there's a significant injury to someone else, clement could be a fine cut (or trade bait).
  18. that's slightly odd. but i guess it at least let's them reevaluate the situation in 7 to 13 weeks without taking up one of the two short term IR designations.
  19. haha i couldn't find it again but i just remembered it was a lot a lot. someone else corrected and said every 41. i can't verify that. if that's right, i feel silly for being that far off but, hey, that's still a #### ton of fumbles for a high volume guy. so hyperbole, mistake, bad memory. whatever. he fumbled a ton in college.
  20. thanks. agree on kelly. i see him as the least likely to morph into a standalone asset for me, but seems like there's probably a pretty good chance that he's a fringe RB1 play at least a couple weeks a season the next few years. and if the starter was to miss a month or more, i'd probably like him more than dixon... but collins is still an RFA after this year (right?). it'll probably depend on the season he has and the tender the ravens place on him, but it seems unlikely the ravens will just let him walk.
  21. yeah. those are reasons i grabbed him at our draft. but keeping him through our cutdown day is a bit tougher. was hoping preseason would help me decide. saw some stuff i like but i did with kelly, too... tough decisions!
  22. thanks. i kinda feel the same. deciding between him and john kelly... (i have collins.) but knowing that ravens fans are even more bearish on him than me might help me make a decision here.
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