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  1. is it a dyno league or just redraft? i'm in a 3 year contract league and rosters are tight. having a hard time justifying keeping dixon. not a long list of backs who did so little their first two years that went on to amount to much...
  2. i don't think collins had any fumbles near the goalline last year. (at least they're not showing up at football reference.) but he did have a couple fumbles early with the team and a long history of coughing up the ball, so they were cautious with him near the end zone, especially earlier in the season.
  3. the guy fumbled about once every 15 carries (iirc) going back to college. not exactly no reason...
  4. haha the fantasy community often loves talented players who slide in the draft because of character issues and dede fits that profile. ("Why Did They Slide" by Walter Football.) (for me, i also loved the way he looked when he finally made it to the field his rookie year and bortles clearly did too, tossing 65 passes his way in 10 games, more than any other jag).
  5. i see cole as a safe WR3ish type, especially with lee out of the picture. personally, i think dede has a bit more upside and i'd be less surprised if he vaulted into WR2 territory this season, especially considering how good he looked down the stretch after so much time away. the team looked committed to giving him the ball when he was available even after missing all that practice and game time. (he got 65 targets compared to 55 for cole after dede came back.) i see cole as the safer bet based on depth chart and preseason buzz and dede as the homerun bet. but both are bargains at their ADP...
  6. it really seems like williams has a very good chance to get 15 touches weeks 1-4 in new orleans. in a league where opportunity is king, i am really surprised how late you can draft this guy... and the worst case scenario: he's barely involved in week 1 and you can use his slot to grab someone else who comes out of nowhere. owners taking fliers on other players late in their drafts will often have to wait weeks and months to see if their sleepers pan out. i'd probably value jonathan williams in the RB40s at this point, just behind some of the guys around there who have clear cut paths to volume but ahead of some of the talented guys who are in muddier situations.
  7. i'd think the majority of teams would focus on winning now with veterans and some other teams could really clean up with a lot of high ceiling young guys and cross their fingers that nobody wins for a few years.
  8. no word yet but certainly looked the part. i don't want to overreact too much, but after watching bits of that game i'd put dixon on the short list of talented backups/handcuffs.
  9. in 10 weeks last year, chris thompson averaged 80 yards/game. he did that on about 10 touches per. cohen saw almost 9 touches per last year and even though he's a tad lighter than thompson, i don't think it's unreasonable to see chris thompson 2017 as his ceiling, especially if the new coaches play around a bit more on offense than the previous regime.
  10. some real high praise in here, still... last year was a pretty big bummer but every time i watch this kid run, i like him... i'm hanging on but have to make some cuts soon. (might cut ties with john kelly instead.) thing i like about his value right now is we should know pretty quickly this season if he is who we think he is. sometimes i prefer the players at the end of the roster who should give me a quick answer in the season.
  11. any word on how they been using him in camp?
  12. there's probably some merit to this but i still think crabtree sees a bump up in dyno and redraft. it's been a while since flacco put a receiver "on the map" so to speak but in the last few years he did get a kamer aiken, a 30 year old mike wallace, and a 35 year old steve smith into solid WR3 territory. personally, i think crab might has a better ceiling than any of those guys with his talent and red zone skills.
  13. as a crab dyno owner, i'm happy with this turn of events. i think his floor stays the same but he's got a better shot at getting back into that "Good WR2" conversation and i'd think he even has an outside chance at being a TD-dependent low-end WR1 if he can sync up with Flacco in the red zone...
  14. who would we consider an upgrade for his production in 2018-19? i'm thinking: Upgrade: Seattle, SF, NO, NE, Bal, Carolina Lateral / Downgrade: Jax, Dallas, Washington.
  15. his rookie year he wasn't really a change of pace back. peterson whooped his kid and mckinnon became the guy between the 20s until he hurt his ankle. what's his nose would get all the touches inside the 10, though.
  16. thanks. on second thought i probably should have phrased my question differently. bias is definitely important, especially if the idea is to find undervalued assets. i will bump allen robinson up a slot or two from consensus ranks since it's probably safe to assume people might be baking these biases into it.
  17. two things: should we get a new frank gore thread? and can we talk about how he was in the same draft class as cadillac williams, cedric benson and ronnie brown?
  18. countercountercounterpoint: he just had a heavy workload for the second half of the season and didn't show any signs of slowing down. just spitballing, but i'd bet there were only maybe 6, 7 RBs who had more touches than him the second half of the season. you can be skeptical he'd hold up over multiple seasons--he hasn't always in the past. but it's okay to change your mind on a player when he does something you haven't seen him do before.
  19. counterpoint: he got almost 200 touches the last 10 games of the season and didn't break down...
  20. could you explain to me why team narratives like this really matter? the bears have had 3 different coaches in that window and i'd be surprised if more than a couple players on the 2012-13 bears are still on the team. i get the trivia part of going through different bears receivers but i'm having a real hard time figuring out how marty booker's career is informative to predicting what allen robinson will do in the windy city...
  21. where do we think watson is going in redraft next year? have to think wilson, brady, rodgers go ahead of him in ADP. for me, he's lumped somewhere in the middle/tail end of wentz, cam, cousins & dak, brees, big ben. ACL injuries for QBs scare me. my recollection is they tend to perform below 100% when they return. carson palmer (first ACL), brady, mcnabb, bradford, RGIII, culpepper all saw a downtick in performance their first year back. rivers and palmer (second ACL) though had banner years following their injuries. (for rivers, he actually played through the injury, so it's unclear how severe it was.) we haven't had a "mobile" QB suffer an ACL injury since RGIII, so it'll be interesting to see how FF players treat him (and wentz).
  22. there were the reports following the super bowl that he hurt his hammy and that's why white got all the work. i bought into that and grabbed dion where i could. but... after he was basically a DNP in the early going, i figured the pats had made up their mind. boy was i wrong.
  23. this just isn't true. he's looked like the same player all season long. it's the workload that increased.
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