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  1. henry is a joy to watch. and if you watch the games, he's pretty involved in the red zone. even last game, he was in there near the goalline on most plays. and he looks so much better than anyone else out there... his usage has been puzzling but i'd expect that to keep growing. and even with some spotty usuage, he's still top 10 right now. there's still a decent chance the kid ends up a plus TE down the stretch. hope you didn't drop him.
  2. i'm going to make a pre-emptive add for him. 16 touches the last couple weeks. some nice runs. no smallwood tomorrow. the opportunity is there for him this week and that's half the battle...
  3. i mean... martin still should have caught that tho. it wasn't like he was standing right next to him. he was 10-12 yards away.
  4. yeah. watch mccoy. he dangles the ball out there all the time but the moment he feels someone's within reach he puts it away.
  5. wow. i wouldn't cut him. i'm still getting interesting offers. also, it seems unlikely that his value drops further in dyno than where it's been all preseason and now. while i was hopeful after his big thursday night game that he was going to showcase that fringe WR1 we saw in 2014 & 2015, i'm back to where i was before: WR3 price and will give you good WR3 production with upside to be a lot more. barring injury, i just don't see him slipping out of the top 30 by end of year. i guess if it's an inactive league and people don't trade, then what's the difference...
  6. anyone else have the feeling that this is a pretty great buy low & cheap situation? the raiders offense sure has struggled quite a bit and lynch hasn't looked too dynamic. and now with carr sidelined, i wouldn't be shocked if the team made more of an effort to get the ball to their dynamic playmakers, like richard, in the coming weeks. i with how quiet his hype trains have been, i think he's a nice buy candidate.
  7. teams only get about 12 possessions a game. losing a fumble every other game means you're single handedly prematurely ending about 5% of your team's possessions. that's not good. i'm not sure what the cutoff is, but i'd say a RB would probably have to average a really, really high YPC to be worth it. i don't think any guy around 5 ypc or so (which is pretty good) would keep his job for long.
  8. he's been fairly quiet on social since he got out of rehab. he was typically fairly active in the past and my guess is that the silence was part of some conditional reinstatement: stay quiet, piss in this cup every couple hours for a couple weeks and we'll see where we're at. the fact he's suddenly being pretty open about arriving in cleveland (along with some vague posts around here by some trusted members) leads me to think we're getting pretty close to hearing about a full reinstatement or getting some real news soon.
  9. what sort of legal obstacles would a reporter need to wait on? i trust you. you've been around a long time here. but i'm curious about your phrasing there... i could see the NFL & gordon & browns asking a reporter to keep something quiet since gordon didn't handle reinstatement all that well last time. i can see a scenario where he's currently "conditionally reinstated" and will be allowed to join the team pending a few weeks of clean piss tests every couple hours. but i can't see "legal obstacles" for a reporter. thoughts?
  10. he fumbled 17 times and lost 9. no offense but if you don't remember that, i'm not really going to pay attention to your "scouting report."
  11. to those who grabbed him: what's your timeline for keeping him? i'm a tad disappointed we haven't heard peep and i'm contemplating cutting him wednesday if there's no news on his reinstatement papers or meeting with the team by then... i feel like those are important first steps for him playing this year but the ball should probably get rolling pretty soon... EDIT: 400 PAGES WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
  12. decent showing and reason to be optimistic. not good enough box score to create much hype and he'll probably still be pretty cheap in this week's waivers. i've already got ertz and henry, though, so i'm staying away for now but looking over my leaguemates' TEs, i can imagine a couple small bids going his way.
  13. yeah. i guess i just wouldn't say one of his best games to refer to stats he eclipses about once every 8 games... and i will bet you all the internet points he has at least one other game over 20 points this year!
  14. he's gone off for 150 and one or two scores 4 times in his career. last night's game doesn't even make his top 5 in FF points and he's had more yards 10 times already in only 40 career games.
  15. i was just typing up something similar. sammy was WR #20 on 96 targets in 2015 in only 13 games. obviously, he's not catching 93% of his targets or averaging 13.8 yards per pass attempt going forward, but sammy has always been extremely efficient on a per target basis and that trend seems to continuing in LA. if he ends up with around 120, i think there's a very good chance he'll be nibbling WR1 territory. and i don't see how he's out of the top 20 with that volume. as a dyno sammy owner, i'd be very happy with that volume considering how bleak the outlook was for him going into the season (and how much i hated that dumpster fire of an offense he was stuck in).
  16. yeah. but probably not a great idea to simply analyze those targets per game in a vacuum. watkins came into camp really late and had only a few weeks to learn a playbook. it's totally reasonable to expect usage to pick up as goff learns who his best receiver really is and sammy familiarizes himself with the new playbook and QB. would you be surprised if sammy sat at 4.7 targets per game at season's end? i absolutely would be.
  17. why... did i read this thread??! i just cut woodhead for him...
  18. i'd like to read that. i get that the combine isn't a perfect tool for evaluating WRs, but i find it really hard to believe there's zero correlation. tools are tools and agility, speed, etc. are important qualities for a receiver. so if you can find it, i'd love to take a look at their methodology. and yeah. he may have trained poorly for it or not trained much for it... antonio brown's looks a little more normal to me. lots of guys have ups and downs. but wow. never looked at landry's before! that's also very impressive. (he claimed an injury, though, for what it's worth... and considering the 0th percentile in a couple categories, he might not be lying.)
  19. wow. that's almost incredible. is there a chance he was hurt at the combine?
  20. i've had some people sniffing around in a 3 year contract league, mostly because his contract price is pretty low and he probably has some upside... but nobody is making big offers and it seems they value him like a WR3. so i think he's a definite hold in dyno formats. it's easy to see how his value could get back up to WR1 status as the year progresses but i have a hard time seeing how it can drop much lower...
  21. yeah just made the move. i think there's a good chance kittle is on a lot more people's radars after sunday... i had the same feeling about hunter henry last year. i believed in williams' talent too but seeing langford and CJ0k get active roster spots over williams AFTER he passed through waivers is enough for me. it's just too many teams saying "he's not better than what we have" for me to hold out too much hope... i doubt anyone grabs williams on waivers this week and if he sniffs the active roster in a few weeks, i can always grab him back... anyway, i'm all aboard the kittle choo choo train!!
  22. i know. this is why i'm contemplating picking him up today in a 3-yr contract league before rosters lock for blind bidding. i think his play time in week 1 indicates we could be looking at a special rookie TE season. only a handful of tight ends have come in and been nice starts in FF year 1, but it's happened and i don't think it's out of the question for kittle to do 800 and 6. which would put him right on the cusp of top 5... i'd be cutting jonathan williams signed for cheap thru 2020 to do it, and i'd only have kittle's restricted free agent rights next offseason but i'm worried that if i leave him out there this sunday, he'll turn those 5 catches into quite a bit more than 27 yards and i'll have to pay a premium to get him on the waivers... similar to what happened to cohen last week... hmmmmm....
  23. kittle had more targets and catches than any other rookie TE in week 1 for what it's worth...
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