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  1. Used: Offense: Panthers, Seahawks, Titans, Bills, Cowboys Defense: Patriots, Browns, Broncos, Saints, Buccaneers Week 5: Offense: Rams Defense: Steelers
  2. Wiki has a whole list of skeletons under Bieniemy's "Legal Issues" section. This is probably the highlight: According to the police report, while with his friends, Bieniemy put his hand on the attendant's neck, startling her. She told police he also made a comment about "a bunch of black males all at once being her worst nightmare,"[13] and that Bieniemy and his friends took off their pants and began urinating nearby.
  3. Used: Offense: Panthers, Seahawks, Titans, Bills Defense: Patriots, Browns, Broncos, Saints Week 5: Offense: Cowboys Defense: Buccaneers
  4. Used: Offense: Panthers, Seahawks, Titans Defense: Patriots, Browns, Broncos Week 4: Offense: Bills Defense: Saints
  5. Used: Offense: Panthers, Seahawks Defense: Patriots, Browns Week 3: Offense: Titans Defense: Broncos
  6. Raiders.com: Here are the inactive players for today's game: RB Josh Jacobs S Roderic Teamer LB Nick Kwiatkoski G Jordan Simmons G Richie Incognito TE Nick Bowers DT Damion Square
  7. I'm holding on the bench until I see his snap count get a bit higher.
  8. Used: Offense: Panthers Defense: Patriots Week 2: Defense: Browns Offense: Seahawks
  9. I think the likelihood of Brown going completely off the rails at any moment trumps any ceiling he has.
  10. Another week or two like this and maybe Ke'Shawn Vaughn will get a chance.
  11. I think Gruden picks the first few rounds. At that point he doesn't know who any of the remaining players are, so Mayock picks the rest.
  12. You guys take requests? Down a few of these please. Chips
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