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  1. I can't wait for the first combo Sanctuary/2nd Amendment Preservation city.
  2. I consider my house to be a locked container.
  3. Go simple. Henry lever action .22 with subsonics. As quiet as an air rifle too.
  4. Got Moderna #2 Saturday morning. Laid awake under three blankets Saturday night, but felt okay Sunday except for being sleepy. Sweated about half a gallon Sunday night, but managed to maneuver to dry spots enough to sleep a few hours. Fine Monday morning.
  5. Bet he wishes he hadn't flushed the $50 million the Raiders tried to give him.
  6. I started to make a run at DE Josh Allen, but it sounds like there's a decent chance he becomes Josh Allen LB. There's chatter Jacksonville is likely to go 3-4.
  7. What a waste. Young teenagers that I hope never see the outside of a prison cell again.
  8. I'm in Zealots, and depth is always job one to me. If I have enough depth, the starting lineup takes care of itself. I'm a grinder I guess.
  9. This all happened really fast. How did the lawyer get all these women together in just a few days?
  10. They probably know you post the bad offers here and are yanking your chain. That's what I'd do anyway.
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