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  1. We play a league that’s starts six RBs/WRs. Half point PPR with half point bonus for first down receptions. I have Alvin Kamara, Damien Williams, Melvin Gordon, Chris Thompson at RB, Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, Tyler Lockett, Emmanuel Sanders, Jamison Crowder at WR. I kind of want to trade Josh Gordon with AB signing with NE. I've been offered Devin Singletary for Josh Gordon. I've also been offered Adam Thielen and LB Deion Jones for Josh Gordon and LB Josey Jewel. Is Minnesota gonna get their passing game going? Or are they super committed to the run now? I want to take Thielen but I’m worried about his finish to last season, and also he only had a few catches in week 1 (fortunately one went for a score).
  2. And playing at home. The fans there have to be beside themselves as they find this out.
  3. Because "rich" to one person is far from "rich" to another person.
  4. Everyone gets a piece of the profit sharing bonus, yes. No, we aren't hiring 30 million people. Your wife works for a great non-union company. So you see first-hand that great non-union companies exist and work well for the company and the employee. Yet you still claim that unions are necessary. If your company treats you like crap, you need to find another company. Why would you work at a place that doesn't value you as an employee, especially when unemployment is so low? Got to get back to work. Peace.
  5. The ~$7k that companies currently pay? That's a company expense, and doesn't even show up on your W-2 form. Why should they raise everyone's salary just because expenses are lower? That said, my guess is that salaries would see some kind of bump, but certainly not the full $7k per person. But my company would have a higher income (all things being equal) in this scenario, so I would also get a bump in my profit sharing bonus. If you guys are stupid enough to vote for a person who would dramatically increase your individual income tax rate, then you get what you get. Stop trying to tell "the rich" to pay for your stuff.
  6. My company has a profit sharing bonus. So I will answer "yes" to all of your questions. Maybe you're working at the wrong company.
  7. Yes, it's common sense. When unemployment is low, there aren't as many people looking for work (supply is low). If a company needs a specific skill set that is tough to find in the job market, they will pay a higher wage to hire that person. It fits in perfectly with my argument.
  8. Yeah, I'm not buying this. Unless you had a huge spike in income. Personally, I still owed money on my federal return (why give the feds an interest-free loan?), but it was about $1500 to $2000 less than last year, despite making more money in 2018 than 2017, and making no changes to my W-4. Trump is killing it.
  9. Maybe because some people believe that through their own hard work, they can achieve greater success on merit. Instead of relying on an organization to negotiate your wages. Union labor doesn't inspire people to over-achieve. Where no unions exist, companies pay wages based on supply and demand of labor, and the skill level of that labor. When unemployment is low, and a company needs a unique, specific skill set from its employees, they will pay higher wages. But if they just need a guy to run a machine that a guy off the street can learn with a week of on-the-job training, the wages will be lower. It's basic economics. Has nothing to do with "big corporate media influence." Whatever that is.
  10. Yeah, it's happened before. People don't pay attention to who they are linking. What a dope.
  11. Take the time to direct your talking points to the right person next time.
  12. Just so you guys know, there's a difference between @TheCommish (me) and @The Commish (not me). Keep my name out of your mouth
  13. I was able to trade ADP for Sanders after week 1 ... loving life
  14. Bethea is the guy I own in my IDP league. Nine solos in 3 of 6 games. Great production from a DB.
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