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  1. I must be the odd guy out here, b/c I like the kicker position in FF. It takes almost no time to manage, and it occasionally yields some quality entertainment.
  2. Ya, he’s had a great opportunity and shown bupkis in return. NE joins Seattle on the “Teams That Should Just Trade Away Their Future 1st Round Picks” list.
  3. Harry, Smith, and Parham aren’t even decent WW fodder in an average league, so T.Higgins and Mims all day every day, until you provide details.
  4. Gosh, an offensive and stupid politician who deliberately antagonized the mainstream media, while dropping our national political discourse into the gutter, & lied all the time, didn't get favorable treatment from said media?
  5. Rock, the right has been intolerant for far longer than the left. Consider the term "RINO", how long that has been in use, and the fact that there is still no equivalent term in use by the left. RINO Wiki
  6. Like it if you're tight on roster spots. It's going to be interesting to see what the Eagles and Fish do, if anything, to address those positions this off-season.
  7. Taylor Swift Dobbins Thomas Harris Etienne Chase Waddle Smith
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