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  1. Could have been worse.....he should be back after the bye.....hes gotta get his head on straight and do a better job of taking case of himself or hes gonna be a short timer in this league...makes you really appreciate Brick who missed 1 snap in 10 yrs
  2. Yep - seriously doubt they dont extend if hes remotely good after spending a 2d rder on him.
  3. Also keep in mind that Sam is getting paid way more than Zach and if he shows anything this year will probably be a $20M yr QB next yr while Zach is making $6-$9M yr over the next 4 yrs.
  4. Watching that game made me even more confident that Sam is who we thought he was.....a game manager that you can win with if surrounded with a good team/coaching...ala Sanchez.....a solid but unspectacular QB.....Zach has flashed real franchise QB traits IMO.
  5. Few observations OL - everything bad on O was from this group - I was hoping for more with all the resources put into the OL from last year. Becton has been shaky all year and the shine is falling off him...AVT missed all preseason and Moses was a late addition as well - Im hoping its growing pains but it was a major problem. If this continues a successful season will be Zach not getting seriously injured QB - Zach looked the part - big arm...elusive...just didnt have a chance as he was on the run all game. You out Darnold back then and he would have been toast. Zach's line was a literal miracle based on all he endured. Nothin in game 1 made me think any less of him at all. WR - Davis looks like a stud..Elijah looked like a rookie. hopefully better days to come from the kid. Mims was phased out until late and im not sure why - he seems to make plays when on the field....hope he plays his way out of the doghouse. TE - unspectacular - need an upgrade. the defense held its own against a pretty good offense....you know Darnold was going to hit at least one long one with Robbie Anderson. Coaching- the most interesting thing was the halftime adjustments. Havent seen those in a while! So about what I expected in game 1- some good and a lot of bad....most concerning is the OL - that has to be fixed ASAP! NE is going to throw the kitchen sink at the kid....gotta keep him healthy at all costs.
  6. Its a low bar lol - its all about the hires - - stability is so huge...if this group can work and be here for a decade it would do wonders for the franchise....since the Johnsons took over Parcells - holdover couldnt wait to get out the door - succession plan ruined by Kraft giving farm to unproven Belichick - not really Johnsons fault - since then the hires have been bad -- the worst was Idzick, MAc and Gase. Al Groh - 1 yr placeholder - never a real chance Bradaway - GM put in place by Parcells - Herm - not a terrible HC - ended up being too conservative and Ra Ra Mangini - knew how to coach and pick players - tried to act like mini Belichick instead of self...could have been much better Tannenbaum - best GM until JD - at least had a plan - built a solid D and OL Rex - solid coach - just couldnt stop the BS and had no clue on offense. When Sanchez flopped it was over Idzik - a GM with no scouting background rec'd by a freaking search firm Mac - rec'd by someone who had zero ties with the team. Bowles - cant kill them here - he was the hottest AC out there - the guy can clearly coach as evidenced by his Tampa D but he just didnt have the personality to be HC Gase - we dont have to even discuss this disaster
  7. I hear you - I am no fan of the Johnson brothers - but I have to admit most of the losing is from bad hires (seriously Chris Johnson - why Gase? Why?) vs outright meddling. They spend money and for the most part stay out of the way from what Ive seen except a once in a while bonehead move like Tebow. Bottom line is the JEts can win with the Johnsons....they went to 2 AFCCGs with Woody in place....I just think its a convenient excuse used like how the JEts share a stadium and would be better if they had their own....just win and everything gets better....even terrible owners.
  8. Definitely bizarre situation - I think the media was so all over it in the offseason that they finally have moved on....this is crazy because hes not even suspended and he's sitting out....so we are looking at a very possible situation where he sits out this year then gets suspended for a significant portion of next year. Houston has zero incentive to trade him (as well as teams giving up assets for him) until the allegations clear up - likely close to next years draft....
  9. The stank the Jets have had on them through Bowles and Gase absolutely is a factor.....as a beaten down Jets fan Im not hyping him up but I have really liked what Ive seen not just from Wilson but from the entire coaching staff....it may take a bit but I believe this will be a monumental change on offense and if you like any of the Jets O including Wilson now is the time to get them on the cheap before they show too much....
  10. Game week - of course my son has a game an hour away at 1pm Sunday...thx youth sports! Will be in Jet lockdown until 4pm Interesting matchup - Sam will be looking to torch the Jets bad CBs....I think DL/LB shuts down CMC to a realistic line....but secondary starts a pattern of giving up big plays to the nice trio of Car WRs. Need a big pass rush to cover up those holes. Jets come out really trying to run the ball and roll Zach around with play action. Im expecting some yips and mistakes as its his 1st real defense hes seeing but still think he has a solid game and gets some confidence going into the home opener vs Belichick who will unleash the ghosts.
  11. im getting closer to pulling the plug - only thing keeping me is Red zone and local channels to watch Jets games as Im in NY area...anything that covers that for cheaper than DTV? Otherwise just watch Hulu/Netflix, etc
  12. The Sanchez AFCCG years at least the O had an identity - everyone knew it was ground and pound but they had an elite OL, RBs and enough talent at WRs to take shots down field....since then, except for the 1 Fitzmagic year the O has been putrid....you are talking a decade! Not a coincidence in that decade they drafted 90% defense in the 1st rd and when they drafted O it was a QB who was not surrounded with talent.... I remember the old Ken O'Brien teams - Freeman McNeil, Wesley Walker and Al toon - that O put up fireworks.....looking forward to hopefully getting another offense like that - Saleh knows defense....he'll drag that defense to respectability....if this kid is the real deal it will go a long way to respectability.
  13. There is something to this.....I would watch other games with my family who arent into football to the crazy degree I am - and they would laugh and say that these other teams looked like they were playing a different sport than the Jets. How it took so long for the team to realize its an offensive league is beyond me....if the D is so bad that they go 2-14 again but Zach develops and the offense looks like a real top 15 NFL O then as far as Im concerned 2021 is a success!
  14. Wow these injuries are brutal - nothing Saleh hasnt seen before....next man up...at least he will be back this year. I think JD is too smart to deal a valuable asset to try to win this year...Id be fine with a 4th or later but cant deal premium pick unless its a player that will be here for a few yrs
  15. Nice to be missed Rockaction lol Busy weekend - went to my 1st concert since COVID - vaccinated/negative tests only but it still seemed a bit strange....as a season ticket holder i hope it gets a bit more "normal" - the old days of hugging or high fiving a stranger next to me may be tabled for now - although there havent been many of those in the past few years! lol I watched the 1st half and had these thoughts Wilson - trying to temper enthusiasm - Ive been hurt before! I remember Browning Nagles 1st game where he threw for 400 yds and the media annointed him "Broadway Browning"...Chad looking all world before brushing his already weak shoulder...Sam lighting up Detroit after that awful 1st pass.....Sanchez looking good out of the gate....but this seems different. I know its pre season and hes going again mostly backups but I can totally see why they went with him over Lance/Fields. He's got the it factor and jumps off the screen. I have literally never seen a Jets QB make the throws he made....My dad spins on at games about the ropes Joe Willy would throw that would cut through the snow and wind at Shea stadium...this kid has an arm that can make those kind of throws....if they can protect him, surround him with weapons and coach him I think he can be a top QB but Im going to slow the hype train down until the regular season....totally expecting a bumpy ride RBBC - SF Rb system in full force - expect to see a rotation C Davis looked every bit his high draftpick pedigree - tall, fast, good hands...will be Zach's security blanket OL - Gave the kid enough time to do his thing....Anxious to see AVT TE - Herndon who? It was fun.....Kroft is going to be the starter for good reason. Forget him making plays - we finally have a coaching staff calling plays for a TE Def - Carvedup by 2d stringers - definite work in progress and will be a long road but thats Saleh's strength...Im less worried about the D...He'll have them competitive after a few weeks and likely a top 10 Def within 3 yrs Coaching - As excited as I was about Wilson is how excited about a coaching staff.....no Gore esque runs up the gut? Play action and roll outs? TE focus? Actually call plays 15 yds when its 3rd and 13 instead of a screen? Man I missed real NFL coaching....my biggest fear is Lafleur does such a solid job with the O that he gets job offers in the offseason...really want to see him stick here for 3 yrs to develop Zach and the O and develop a coaching tree of coordinators. So happy as can be for preseason - fully expect some let downs so realistic but most excited Ive been in a long time.
  16. I have an auction keeper draft so its a little different - but I went with Montgomery as my 1A with Swift and Sanders as well....but was able to get Devante Adams and AJ Brown as WRs so while im not thrilled with Monty as my de facto #1 RB - I think it paid off
  17. lol - obviously Im not expecting that much of a quantum leap....Sanchez walked into a ready made playoff squad with a top defense and OL with weapons....while Jets are improved across the board Im expecting improvement this year with a 6-7 win season then make a run for a WC next year.
  18. Agreed - all of my kids are athletic and were never interested in playing baseball nor watching it....they say its boring....however I would say I appreciated baseball a lot more as I got older maybe Ill give it another shot in a few years.
  19. While of course I was excited with Darnold's potential I wasnt this excited for the team. I didnt like Bowles, the GM nor the team around Sam - I was convinced that Bowles was going to be fired at some point....then hated Gase with a passion from the start....this is the 1st time since Rex, Tannenbaum and Sanchez that I was happy with all 3 pieces plus the team...obviously Sanchez wasnt the real dead but I think Wilson is more talented.... Ill sign on if Wilson takes them to back to back AFCCG after this last decade of losing!
  20. not really - I thought it would transcend baseball but I guess not -
  21. one of my faves as a kid and today......tried to get my kids to watch it (19, 15, 12) and they all hated it - couldnt make it through....oh well.
  22. As a Jets fan I havent been this excited in a decade.....the kid looked solid but the coaches are doing the right thing and building confidence with short/safe plays so far...I expect a deep shot or 2 next game. The key is he looks the part so far As for the OL - they are also doing the right thing....they invested heavily in the OL this offseason with AVT and Moses being very big upgrades....plus Becton is getting a lot of practice reps against a legit pass rusher in Lawson for the 1st time in his career. Add this OL improvement with the best WRs they've had since Brandon Marshall and Eric Decker - with a competent coaching staff and Wilson has a real chance to be very good.
  23. Considering we have heard nothing I am concerned....they certainly had time to do the MRI and get an opinion....the silence scares me. At this point hoping he's healthy for opening day and this doesnt linger
  24. I actually think this is very good for him - Becton has never faced an elite pass rusher in practice before....this should make him n even better LT
  25. Any word on Elijah.....praying its nothing serious.....
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