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  1. 1, 2 and 4. Getting 3 right off the bat is one of my better scores!
  2. Good mix of songs in the list. But 2 AC/DC songs in the Top 10 was 2 too many for me. I just can't listen to that screeching.
  3. The remake was excellent in it's photography, sets and related areas. But with the actual characters, the original was much better. The Mattie character had some bad lines in the remake where I was rolling my eyes, and the ending was pretty bad, too. The ending of the original, with Rooster's final line was excellent.
  4. You've got to remember that these are the common contestants of the new Jeopardy. The contestants of the land. You know.....morons.
  5. If they return the entire offensive and defensive lines from 2020, look out NFL. Those lines were awesome through the entire playoffs. Brady, Brady Brady, blah blah blah. Not arguing about how good he is but he's a lot less factor in their success than the OL and DL.
  6. And 2nd place didn't bet enough to win if 1st place missed the Final. Friday really was the "Moron Bowl". Is anyone else tired of the current champ's fake smiles and annoying giggles?
  7. A very good show. But one thing I could never figure out is why nearly every guy seemed to fall in love with Dexter's sister.
  8. I was already sick of McDormand..... and then she wins over Mulligan and Davis
  9. I kept adding up his score thinking that I miscounted, hardly believing that the contestant was that stupid.
  10. I actually saw it in Hollywood in Cinerama when I was a kid. An unforgettable experience.
  11. I watched Promising Young Woman and really liked it. Mulligan was great. It was odd in places, but overall well done. I probably like revenge films more than the average person.
  12. PT Anderson has made a career of downer movies. Different subjects and good casts, but nearly always the same misery by the end. But of course, he is revered with critics praise and Oscar nominations for these depressathons. His films really typify this trend.
  13. Life's greatest mystery: How can you be smart enough to qualify to play on Jeopardy and not understand simple betting strategy.
  14. I really liked 1999 when it first came out, but I don't think it has aged that well. The same guitar riff/chord/whatever you call it just get repeated way too many times and has become monotonous for me.
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