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  1. Im going to move MT in most leagues. I was high on him when he came out so I have shares almost everywehrre. But i cant keep waiting and Im sure another problems is just around the corner. Anyone seen deal done recently?
  2. Lets hope its Performance Enhancing Vaccine that he received. Then he is ok to fly to Seattle.
  3. Hoping JJ gets a big stat lien then Im trading him in dynasty. Well trying to trade him. Suspect offers might be so low Im forced to hold him as deoth as he limps on for a couple more years.
  4. Ive benched Gaskin for AJ Brown in my flex. My TE depth is a disaster behind Gesicki. Its basically him or Uzomah for me. Bascially to get back on post, this team is going the wrong way and I think Tue is going to compound that.
  5. He will be on my bench. If he goes off I am still happy because I can trade him. Not sure if this is a Bears problem or a head problem but Im not waiting around to find out.
  6. Goolday has been a massive disapointment. I was down on Toney during dynasty rookie draft season because he seemed that he might cause some issues. The ability is there but so are the head problems. Its probably easier to control the latter rather than coach the former.
  7. To be clear in my eyes he is a Dynasty Hold but a Redraft sell. By trade deadlien day I think this years upside is gone for the redraft buyers who would need him.
  8. His value sinks further. Wow. Chiefs are rumored to be looking for a WR2. Given cotnract and stuff it might be a rental deal for them. His value is so low now I think I am going to have to hold until the trade deadline. If things remain as they are then I dont want to even think about it.
  9. Likely to be at the top of my do not draft list in May.
  10. How are we feeling about this guy. Not much new info I know, but I'm really thinking he is a dynasty sell.
  11. If the team goes on a losing streak (which might have been coming even without Russ injury) I begin to wonder if that was the end of the Russ era in Seattle. If they are out of playoff contention why bring him back for 3 or 4 games? The lack of first rounder because of the Adams trade really biting now as well. Suspect Pete might be out as well and a full blow it up. Watson, Tua, Russ situations become very interlocked now.
  12. I switched him out 10 mins before my deadline This weeks project is to trade him wherever i can in dynasty. I had him and MT together in multiple leagues. Ah well, Next.
  13. Dynasty owner here and Im going to listen to offers. For today im benching him in favour of Logan Thomas. None of my leagues allow lineup changes after the early kick offs.
  14. Dynasty wise I own him pretty much everywhere. That is probably going to start changing. Season wise I want to bench him, but its the Lions.... One more week i think.
  15. It's a tough position to acquire right now. In my dynasty leagues my guys are ageing fast now. A second sounds high but at a position of scarcity you get a known outcome and it's only week 2/3. Seems like fair value both sides. I've cut Dunlap twice today. I feel sad.
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