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  1. is there a chance he gets designated as a WR?
  2. Isn't this what the Raiders do every off season ?
  3. Parsons should go before 1.07. If the eagles take him I could justify top 5 depending on how league values qb. Also that assumes starting 4 lb like my leagues do.
  4. Exactly. These things can linger and cause problems. I hope its nothing like that but somethign doesnt feel right here.
  5. Dak is unsigned. Its going to be interesting.
  6. We don't know Dak is back and we dont know that Seahwks will throw less. We don't know if Dallas goes WR or Pitts just for the fun. In my mind Metcalf is on a different level from Lamb.
  7. Dallas could sign him and use their first rounder on Pitts. Winner winner.
  8. I think they had to go for it there just like you said. A TD would have put pressure on CLE. Instead he put pressure back on PITT.
  9. Pretty good list. Im 9sadly) going to push Wagner lower. Brooks is listed at SLB but I thought they wanted him to move to the middle post Wagner. Is TJ Edwards rosterable? Im sure the Eagles are drafting a LB , possibly even Parsons.
  10. Logan Thomas looks like a sell for me. He sort of saved me in multiple dynasty leagues this year but I dont see it as the future.
  11. Don't want to appear a hater but I do feel there is a chance that all Ruggs can do at this point is run fast. The tools are there for better so it's up to the Raiders to bring him on.
  12. Corey Davis. Hmmm. My bench is Mike Thomas , Parker and Pittman. Fa. Chad Jansen ? Jeffrey ? Trying to tell myself not to overthink the weather.
  13. Right now he is on my bench behind Sanders and Gordon. I'm way behind thanks to Kamara and don't see him as the 3td guy I need.
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