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  1. Possibly Pollard depending on zeke or Coutee...all pretty close but I think playing the Jets and having no wr’s might put him over the top. Had Coutee in there to start.
  2. Got Kamara’d yesterday and thinking of throwing a Hail Mary with Hunt tomorrow. With 4 wr’s out due to COVID restrictions and Hunt being the receiving back I could see him being on the field a lot in a receiving role...at least that’s what I’m telling myself. Sound logic?
  3. one more week! how's Pitt's run defense? I know their pass rush is killer.
  4. I think sometimes McVay is too smart for his own good. Many games Henderson seemed to be running great, making big plays and he'd still only get a handful of touches. I agree that his time is up in this backfield.
  5. Does Dallas have a rb that can catch out of the backfield? Will Pollard have that role?
  6. Debating the same...Gallman, Hunt, Wilson or Pollard...had Gallman in there but considering Pollard. Who is the starting qb for the Giants?
  7. it's tough...I've been hopeful for Mariotta but just don't think he's going to be the guy there long term....just hasn't turned the needle. I drafted Davis in my rookie keeper league, kept him into last year and probably stupidly tried to go back to the well again despite his mediocre production. Talented kid and my main attraction this year is the void in the offense and the fact that someone has to get the ball. Then I saw what Brown did last week on his limited touches and you never know. The kid is clearly a beast and he's shown in one week that you NEED to get him the ball a few time
  8. ya, but what I really liked about Brown is that nearly all his yards are after the catch breaking tackles against smaller CBs. Reminded me of Brandon Marshall early in his career. He may not be a target hog but will get every yard possible. Sorry to hijack in the Davis thread.
  9. I love Davis's talent and tried to grab him but was drafted just before I was going to select him. Funny enough, I saw what Brown did last week and picked him up this week. Kid looks terrific.
  10. what has the overall camp buzz on him been? his situation is wide open...Matthews on the other side isn't really a threat so he has the opportunity to be the guy and has a good young QB that can throw the ball. Seems like his biggest obstacle is the injury bug...
  11. drafted him last year in my rookie keeper league and had to drop him due to injuries...just reacquired him...fingers crossed.
  12. had to drop him for a backup TE with Gronk out last night...hoping to pick him back up after the weekend...one good thing is that Davis won't be playing so he may fly under the radar....
  13. doesn't sound good...sounding like a lost half a season at least.
  14. trade him? what are they going to give? they'll just wait until the Browns cut him if they really want him.
  15. since it's happened once in the history of the NFL I'd say the chances are pretty remote.
  16. he was on the field for 59 of 74 snaps...maybe just an anomoly.
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