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  1. while I agree that it's a likely scenario it's certainly frustrating to live through on a week to week basis. If I didn't have him I'd likely look to buy but if you have him (which I do) you're best bet is to hold.
  2. CEH is terrible...he gets excellent matchups nearly every snap and does very little. I don't have the stats but he has to be among the bottom few starters in breaking tackles. I really don't think he's done enough in 2 years to be the automatic starter if someone comes in and is more productive...they are just thin RB wise. Could you imagine if Hunt was still in this offense? I think Mack is a good speculative add if you have the room as he's looked good in his limited touches since return.
  3. Sanders has run well when given the ball but he doesn’t get the ball. I’m likely looking to sell him in a package for a back that gets touches. I value consistency and he’s all over the map…..it’s a shame because he’s a good RB.
  4. It was the Jets and Ridley was out so if he doesn’t produce today it would be a huge disappointment. Kid definitely has skills and gets targets…awesome dynasty player to have.
  5. this entire Carson situation is very odd and I'm not sure why it's not being discussed like Montgomery's injury. Williams was a hot WW pickup this week but there's no talk of Collins. I was able to snag Collins in 2 leagues after waivers ran. I guess it's just due to the fact that it popped up during the week.
  6. Added him to the roster last night….things appear to be pointing up…will be interested to see his usage this week.
  7. very insightful info...I'll certainly look for it in the weeks to come. thanks.
  8. the only good thing for CEH is they don't have a lot of talent behind him...if they did, he'd likely be in trouble for his job.
  9. it's a marathon, not a sprint when it comes to young players. Was happy with the Williams touches and how he looked, despite the fumble into the end zone. I thought they may reduce his touches after the fumble but he was in the mix all game.
  10. If you produce, you play. I don’t know how this will work out but I’m happy to have a chip on Tyson. Will be a fun situation to watch….
  11. It’s a long season and what’s good now will be bad and what’s bad now will be good. Let’s be realistic here…if they played Moss next game and Singletary fumbles/get hurt and Moss breaks a couple big runs do you think anyone will care about the one game inactive? Who knows if he’s loafing around practice, thinking he’s the guy and they want to take him down a peg….not saying that’s the case but Moss didn’t suddenly turn bad. I don’t even own him, I actually drafted Singletary in all my leagues but I’m not sold on him and I doubt the team is either. Buff loses another game or gets off to a slow start they will try anything…It’s a long season
  12. that'll be key....get a better understanding on why, despite his first half success, he barely touched the ball in the 2nd. He's still young and has never been in this role so it may take some time....
  13. He called a hard count at the 2 inch line that led to a penalty…you hand the ball off and call it a day. Just not a fan of his….I had the same argument about Dalton…very similar IMO.
  14. There’s a reason for that…he blew the game and got lucky that Lamar coughed it up. He’s good when he’s good but at the end of the day he’s not a difference maker.
  15. Lamar was pretty horrible….great runner but can’t throw the ball.
  16. Can we let the ravens have the ball and continue? That was nuts…
  17. You can’t make this up…delay of game so they have to send them back out
  18. Wowowowowo…Carr couldn’t have handled that series any worse…unreal.
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