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  1. I heard it again on the news that Hasbro IS doing this.....are they or aren't they?
  2. The Saudis have done whatever they want forever......Biden is doing this for show, and it'll add up to nothing.......politics baby! The Dems are the masters of putting up a front, while doing the dirty work on the DL
  3. Maybe a bad analogy, I dunno.....point being all these lil things add up to a big picture
  4. Is it just me or is this a woke compliant move that will basically make potato head go away? I mean I guess kids were still getting Mr/Mrs potato heads.......whos gonna get em now? I mean I spose a handful of people maybe.... Is Hasbro sacrifing a once iconic toy past it's prime to the PC/cancel/woke gods so they can move on in relative compliance?.....well played Hasbro
  5. Death by a thousand paper cuts seems appropriate
  6. I would say I'm surprised, but nothing is surprising anymore. It seems pretty clear to me that these moves are being made ahead of being "cancelled".
  7. And this is what you guys do on here... Go read the material for yourself! Theres published papers that are easy to find. I'm not going to engage in your mental gymnastics, and make this more complicated than it needs to be.
  8. Meh.....Kimmel peaked on the man show. I'm more of a Carrolla guy. Bernie has some good ideas that won't ever work in the real world.
  9. I don't listen to Hannity, fwiw. There's lots of info out there on equitable math, and critical race theory. Published journal stuff.... I'm all for every kid thriving in the classroom. I also think it's ok to be concerned about how this approach could potentially affect ALL children......at a minimum it seems like kids and teachers will be confused.....meanwhile, people in other countries who have much less opportunity will continue to laugh at us. This most likely is the wrong forum to discuss this anyway. People who lean more conservative questioning anything right now arent r
  10. Rochelle Gutierrez is fringe I guess? I honestly don't know
  11. I don't do social media if ur referring to FB, twitter, etc....I mostly do a few forums for sports and fly fishing. I have read some information on critical race theory, and white supremacy in math recently. As far as I can tell this is being pushed forward into the mainstream.....am I wrong? Please tell me I am....
  12. I'm going by what is being presented. I'm especially looking at what will be presented to my children. It's not about what you think. It's about the big picture of where we are heading.
  13. To me, it feels right to raise our kids to not see color. That's the long play here. Instead we are getting critical race theory shoved down our throats. The left wants massive upheaval, and blanket identity politics. People are being "cancelled" for stupid ####...... if you disagree with their methods they scream racist! It's very effective in today's climate.
  14. Bernie Sanders on Jimmy Kimmel....can't change the channel fast enough.
  15. Let me re-phrase.....they love to dig up the past to rule up the masses
  16. The left loooooves to live in the past and get folks riled up about it....it's kind of their thing.....only stuff that fits the narrative though
  17. The left controls big tech, for the most part. The wealth in big tech has become tremendous....add that to essentially controlling, and manipulating what information people are fed.....it's powerful....and the sheeple eat it up.
  18. #4....I know my kids in primary school are receiving an abbreviated version of what they should be....theyre getting straight A's without putting in a ton of effort. I know my degree in science wouldn't have really been possible on line. We did a ton of field work and hands on labs.....virtual can, and should be an effective adjunct, but not the main approach.
  19. I specifically remember a big lib I work with, praising Cuomo's leadership, and handling of the pandemic, early on.....his polished lip service pressers made him seem like he was making all the right moves......when in actuality, he was just saying all the right things like a polished politician does.
  20. He didn't organize anything
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