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  1. 52 I loved it back in the day, but recently re-realized its awesomeness.
  2. Heard this one for the first time in a while a year or so ago and its been in the rotation since - gets any 50-something within earshot nodding or toe-tapping to the beat immediately.
  3. I was supposed to drive down tomorrow to see My Morning Jacket at Forest Hills but the plan just got blown up by #### I can't control. Saw them there last year, amazing outdoor venue, weather is going to be perfect and I'm sure there will be a 9/11 angle that will make it even more memorable/magical. Somebody please go and report back.
  4. I have a daughter just starting freshman year in HS, so a few years away, but I'm legit concerned for my mental health when my son leaves for college next year. My happiness is way too dependent on stuff I either do with him or watch him do.
  5. In/paid if not too late, otherwise paid gor next round
  6. It's great to have stretch-goals but for now I'd suggest he just continue to work hard to get better and see where it takes him. If/when you do move north you'll no doubt find the competition stiffer and get a better sense of where he stands among his peers. For a late-starter like him I honestly think a more realistic goal would be to become a solid varsity high school hockey player, which honestly might even be a stretch goal in MN/WI. None of our kids are going to be pros, so my stance has always been to use sports to get into the best college possible, if the kid is good enough for that to be a factor. And if not, and he wants to continue playing beyond HS, look at colleges with club teams. Tons of fun without the everyday grind that being on a D1/D3 team can be. Also the difference between kids that get recruited for D1 and D3 is pretty slim, usually just a hole (real or perceived) in their game that lands them in D3 - they can all skate and have skill. I'd say size and hockey-sense are two big differentiators, as well as personality/attitude.
  7. Congrats on the bolded! And if he was still reaching out to coaches it would have been done much differently. It would have gotten to the meat of it right off the bat w/out the slow intro. Coaches who don't know you aren't waiting a full minute before a meaningful highlight arrives. The speed up/slow down stuff and other effects wouldn't be in there. This one was strictly for fun. Yours is more in line with what coaches looking for prospects want to see.
  8. Well done for a "homemade" vid. We've done a few ourselves over the past few years. With college sorted and knowing what a time sink it is we weren't going to do one for my son's spring lax season but a kid who filmed some of his games reached out to him and said he had some cool footage, offered to put a highlight reel together for a fee. $100 seemed like a fair deal, something to show his kids some day if nothing else. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVxWv-MvNTc
  9. Went Sat/Sun 1999 in Brookline. Snuck in Sat, scalped a ticket Sunday, best sporting event I’ve ever been to. When I first got in Sat am me and my buddy wormed our way to the ropes along the 9th green and ended up shoulder to shoulder with Michael Jordan, Mario Lemieux, and John Elway, each of them chomping on the biggest/fattest stogies I’ve ever seen. Cool start to an awesome weekend.
  10. Hopefully he still plays multiple sports, if so encourage him to continue doing so.
  11. Story is hard to follow but my assumption is he spent the night with a hooker.
  12. In youth hockey birth year trumps school grade, it’s who you play with/are measured against. By the time kids reach HS the studs have been identified relative to other players their birth year. Repeating might make some more impactful HS hockey players but I don’t think its increasing probability of playing at the next level very much. D1 kids who haven’t repeated are almost always sent to juniors for a year after HS, sometimes two.
  13. I was in Dunks with my son on Saturday, he was wearing his HS lax pullover with his number on it, and two kids around 7 or 8 came up and said to him “are you Nigel Jr? Your highlights are sick!”. He had a quick convo with them, asked them what position they played and whatnot, handled it great even though he was embarassed. And while that was going on the mom told me the boys talked about him often. It was funny, and cool.
  14. Probably the toughest game to ref given how fast a game it is in such tight a space…on skates, just staying out of the way is a mighty task. Frustrating how many rough calls/non-call there are but I’m not sure its ineptitude as much as it is just hard as #### to be right all the time.
  15. Hoping all goes perfectly for you tmrw Bob ❤️
  16. Yes, create a user account and you should be all set.
  17. If Isles win tonight when does series with Bs start?
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