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  1. Site compiles stories of outspoken anti-vaxxers who died from COVID.
  2. 68 year old man loses ear and has severe damage to the face after being attacked by two pitbulls on his morning walk. Dude is lucky his neighbors jumped in. Video is tough to watch. Video: https://mirror.fro.wtf/reddit/post/3209622 Article: https://www.click2houston.com/news/local/2021/08/30/family-speaks-about-father-who-was-seriously-injured-in-a-vicious-dog-attack-caught-on-camera/
  3. This is great advice, thanks! I had planned on 12 inches and didn't even consider the height of some bottles, good call out. And good point on the glass shelves, I hate cleaning as is.
  4. The timing of discussing bar setups couldn't have come at a better time. I just bought a new house with an unfinished basement, and we're almost finished with finishing it now. My wife has given me a 10 ft wall to make into my "dry bar" area, as there's no water access. Our original thought was a smaller cabinet for glasses (wine/rocks/pilsner) as we're mainly wine/bourbon/beer drinkers. So most of the space will be dedicated to bourbon/wine display. Question is, what shelving setup do you guys recommend? Our original thought was three levels of glass shelves for the various lower/mid/top shelf bottles. What depth of shelves should I look for? A lot of the shelves I see online are 3 ft long, is 6 ft per shelf long enough? Essentially if you had 10 ft width and 4 ft depth, ceiling is 8 ft 6in, to work with to design your ideal liquor/wine display, what would you do with it? What height would you put your shelving? Should I put a front "wall/barrier" on the front of the shelves, or is an open shelf more ideal without the need to lift the bottles over it?
  5. Haha turns out we were that crazy buyer! We found out this morning our bid of 400,123 was accepted. We'll never know what 2nd place was, but my wife's brother called the listing agent and pretended to be a buyer from out of state, and said his pre-approval was for up to 385. She told him she's already helped one couple place a bid, and that they were even going to increase their bid, so she would get someone else from her team to assist him. So we know at least one other person bid and was planning on increasing it, so glad we upped ours, too. Damnit.. Now I have to move again. I hate moving. Good news is, we get to now list our house in this crazy market.
  6. Upped our bid to a bit over 400. We ran a bunch of comps, and if it didn't need new hardwood/carpet/paint/fixtures it'd be in the 415ish range with the unfinished basement. So with ~25kish to address that, we know we're overbidding its current market "worth", but the value to gain from finishing the basement is too much to pass up in this market. Hell we were looking at houses that were much smaller, going for way more. Hopefully our "overbid" takes it. We'll find out Friday.
  7. Yes, pending some egregious, but we'd forfeit our earnest money.
  8. Yup. And that's what sucks about this whole blind bid process. We have no clue and just sitting here trying not to bid against our selves.
  9. Yup, we can back out if the inspection comes back with something egregious, and we forfeit our earnest cash. But it's only a 4 year old house. It looks like two people bought it, started finishing the basement, got a divorce, and left it in its current state. On the original deed there were two names, then a year ago one of then quit claimed it to the other one. It was listed at 410k, then delisted a few days later.
  10. Yah, that's what I'm afraid of. The real estate agent said that houses that need work arnt moving very quickly in this area to owner occupied buyers with the current environment, so we've got that going for us. He said if they open it up to investors, they'll get a ton of 350ish bids.
  11. There's language that says we can submit an offer pending inspection if our bid is accepted. We just gotta figure out the "right" price to bid, now.
  12. Oh for sure. If our bid gets accepted, the contract will be pending inspection.
  13. Yah I really liked it. I picked up a couple bottles of Eagle Rare the other day and it's my current favorite of my collection. My dad recently scored a Weller Full Proof and that is some tasty stuff.
  14. When my wife and I first moved into our neighborhood, there was a basement home at the front of the neighborhood for sale (in Nashville area, basements are relatively rare since the ground is nothing but rock) that we fell in love with, but it was outside of my price range. Fast forward a few years and the house next door to it has been foreclosed on, and is identical, same exact model. It sold for 411k in 2019. It's 3100 sqft and has close to 1000 sqft of unfinished basement. The previous owners started to finish in the basement. It's got a finished bathroom with a nice tiled shower, a bedroom walled out and painted. They drywalled and framed a side room that has tons of boxes of sound proof foam in it, I'm guessing they were making a media room or some sound studio. They drywalled a ceiling in, stained the concrete floor and drywalled a bedroom and painted it. So the basement is mostly finished, and has a few sheets of drywall and unopened tile boxes that match the bathroom tile. The current price for homes in this area is about $120 a sqft, so with the finished basement it'd sell for right at 500k. They listed it at 375k, and are taking sealed bids through the 22nd. On the 22nd they'll open all the bids and whoever has the highest offer wins. It must be owner occupied and be the primary resident of the buyer, so we're not competing against investors. They also won't take a sale of home contingency, so you have to qualify for the mortgage outright. I think these two factors help limit our competition. I'm pre-approved for up to 450k without selling my current home, so I can offer up to that amount. I'd still sell my current house and would net about ~140k. The hardwood is destroyed, looks like they had big dogs, as there are scratches and deep cuts everywhere, so it'd have to be replaced. A few holes in the walls/doors and a lot of the light fixtures are missing. The carpet upstairs is destroyed. It's being sold as is. My wife's dad is a general contractor and did a quick walk through and said a quick estimate is it'd take about 50k to replace all the flooring/fixtures, paint the whole house and then finish the basement with what they started, unless we wanted to move some of the walls they built. But I like the layout, so we'd just finish it and paint. It was built in 2016, so all the appliances and hot water heater/hvac etc are all new. My real estate agent suggested we offer 387,550, and is 12000 above asking, and said he's pretty sure we'd get it at that price. Am I crazy for wanting to bid more to ensure we get it? It's a blind bid situation, which sucks because if we lost by like 500, it'd really suck. I know we're going to finish it all out, and have the money to do so. I'm looking at it if I bid 420, spend 50 to finish it, I just bought a 500k house for 470, and I'm pretty happy, and think we got a good deal. My wife and real estate agent are thinking we should try to stay under 400 because then it's a "great deal". But I'd live in this house for 5-10 years easily. Am I crazy to want to bid 40-50k more than the "list" price, because I'm seeing the potential of what it could be?
  15. I really like this one. Just bought a bottle yesterday I'll join ya! For Sho https://imgur.com/a/KNZTxJ4
  16. Just started getting into Bourbon. My dad has been collecting for awhile. He had me over to do a tasting the other day to help me find which ones I liked the best. His favorite distillery is Buffalo Trace, so we started with those and then tried a big variety. Bourbon Tasting https://imgur.com/gallery/3CEm5N3 Weller 107 was probably my favorite, but then after that it was probably Bulleit.
  17. Is there a deals thread? If there is, I couldn't find one. Anyone who isn't a Sam's Club member, but wants to be, they're running a special for a $45 giftcard with purchase of a year membership ($45). Free $45 giftcard with purchase of membership
  18. They're broadcasting from my office building now, which about two blocks from the blast. Apparently our parking lot and building is being used by the FBI/ATF as a hub. We were already remote because of covid, but got another email this morning that they've turned the building/lot over to the agents to use as they may need. No clue if they're using the building or just the lot, but we've been told our badges won't work and all the entry ways are blocked anyway.
  19. For me, it was when I'd walk into the beer store and just grab the beer I wanted without looking at or thinking about the price. It's crazy how sometimes a $2 difference in a 6pack can feel like a ton more.
  20. Interesting. I've walked past that area hundreds of times, but never really paid that much attention it seems
  21. I know my company had to switch to our backup Datacenter in Sterling as well as the IVR systems. Was a fun incident bridge this afternoon.
  22. Interesting. I assumed a ton of the fiber would be underneath where the RV blew up.
  23. https://transcripts.thedealr.net/script.php/batwoman-2019-aYRQ/s1/e17 Batwoman S1E17: "MAN, ON P.A.: On the order of Mayor Akins, all civilians are ordered to evacuate immediately. Do not hesitate. Do not pack your belongings. Humans and pets only. If you can hear this message, evacuate now. On the order of Mayor Akins, all civilians are ordered to evacuate." That same phrase "If you can hear this message, evacuate now" was the one played on a loop from the RV bombing.
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