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  1. The longer Davis and LeBron are out, the less likely I see them as serious contenders. After being off for a month or two, players don't always come back 100%. I think the Nuggets have a nice two year window right here. The whole starting lineup other than Barton are still getting better, as well as some of their bench rotation (Dozier, Morris). The backup bigs are getting old (Millsap/Green/McGee) but Bol and Nnaji are buried on the bench and they both still have a chance of being NBA rotation players - I'd be surprised if Nnaji doesn't at least develop into a decent 4th big, he's mobil
  2. Nuggets with 8 straight wins, last three without Murray. Still undefeated with Gordon. Jokic with 26/13/14. I think there is a fair chance that the Nuggets slide up to the 2nd seed over the next 20 games - they are currently a game behind LAC (they play later in the season to decide the season series) and 2.5 games back of the Suns (Nuggets own the tie breaker).
  3. I'm curious here too. I had Tier 1 - Instinctive and Yo Mama Tier 2 - Scoob and Jayrod Tier 3 - Frosty and myself Then a huge drop off to the next tier.
  4. I wasn't making some grand statement on if these guys were good, just that they are going to get shoved in a box that is wasting their talents. Giannis - You said you were going to have Giannis screen for Wade/Lillard. This isn't something that he is very adept at, nor something he does often. This season, he is the roller on a pick and roll 1.5 times a game, with 0.96 PPP (19th percentile), last year it was 1.8 possessions a game with 1.17 PPP (66th percentile)... small sample sizes, but point being that he isn't catching lobs over the defense like Gobert (or Amare circa 2005). You would
  5. I had them at 5 as well. I think O'Neal is possibly the most over rated player of the decade. Francis was fun but his peak was short lived (I had him right in the middle of the PG rankings), Mashburn and Horry were very close to the back at their positions, and while I love Ginobili (also ranked him #5 SG, but he was closer to Arenas/Roy than Allen/Iverson, IMO), he probably was never better than the 3rd best player on his team and his stats look a lot worse when you consider he played half of ever game against the other team's bench. I did think his team made some conceptual sense though.
  6. Some stats from your link... 138.5% USG. That's an impressively large number and I'm guessing it might be the highest of the entire draft for any decade. This would be a could case study IRL on managing high usage players. Out of curiosity, the 10-11 Heat starting lineup (Bibby/Wade/Lebron/Bosh/Ilgauskas) went from a combined USG of 132.2 in 09-10 to 116.9 in 10-11 (staggering lineups helps keep star usage up). I think trimming 38.5% from the combine usage would be a nightmare on the personality side. Plus, the combined AST% is all the way at 131.2% (generally I would guess combining high
  7. Kev's 2010's - Maybe not my best team, but they would be my favorite to watch. PG - Mike Conley - One of the ultimate jack of all trades, master of none players of the 10s. He’s only made a single All-Defense team (and All-Star game now!), but he’s consistently been one of the better defenders and offensive initiators at the PG position for the last decade. Offensively, he is comfortably running the PnR with a slow ground bound center and is an excellent shooter both off the catch and in pull up situations. Peak 3 Seasons - 17.3 PPG - 5.9 APG - 1.3 SPG - .571 TS% - 4.7 3PA (39.1%)
  8. 🤣 Can we keep whoever didn't vote wikkid last from voting again? No offense, @wikkidpissah
  9. Other than MWP, I think Bowen was a significantly better defender than that group. Like way significantly better. I would have taken MWP over Bowen and the rest, but Bowen would have been the clear #2 of the group.
  10. 2021 Westbrook could certainly fit into a system, as long as that system has a lot of shooting around him and it's specifically tailored for him. The problem is he's not good enough to make that worthwhile. On the whole, he's a very good player (and was great a few years back), but his weaknesses (mostly notably he's a horrendous jump shooter that doesn't seem to realize it), get magnified so easily that his positive contributions get overshadowed by the weaknesses. When he was the best athlete in the NBA, it didn't matter as much, but now teams are guarding him with a big and just dari
  11. Rick Carlisle and maybe to a lesser extend Doc Rivers. It's a tough balancing act. You can't alienate your players because they hold.more ultimate control and also are generally more important to team success. And the coach also needs the reputation to have the players buy in when you are really calling them out. So coaches can't really come in and be the hard nosed guy because the players don't care to hear it, so we end up with a lot of players coaches because of that.
  12. It's worse this year with the compressed schedule, some of the teams coming in with a very short offseason and generally the lack of parity beyond the top 6-8 teams (I think this is worse than usual this year for some reason).
  13. We have a decent defensive rebound rate (74.2% - 2005 league average was 72.7%), we're just really bad on the offensive glass (22.9% - league average was 27.3%) - those numbers in 2020 were 77.5/22.5 as the game has moved more to concede rebounds to get back on D. And that's fine because we are a team of efficiency offensively and we'll be looking to get back defensively anyway. Plus, there is always regression to the mean as a team on the defensive glass (less so on the offensive glass, I think). There are only so many rebounds to reasonably get and two elite rebounders will cannibalize rebou
  14. DWill and AI may putt up more points, but Arenas and Nash would be more efficient. That's what I like about Nash/Arenas/Lewis, all were very efficient.
  15. The Heat have a negative point differential, have a record of 26-24, are only a game up on 8th place, and pretty much the entire supporting cast behind Butler and Bam are playing worse than last year. Oladipo is a shell and unless he figures things out may be completely out of the rotation by the playoffs. The only thing keeping them afloat is the fact that the east is kind of a joke beyond the top 3 teams.
  16. Kev's 2000s PG - Steve Nash - Two Time MVP - the only other player on the 00s decade teams to win multiple MVPs is Duncan, five time assist champ, 7 time all NBA, 8 time all-star, HOF. Unequivocally the best PG of the decade, he helped revolutionize NBA offenses with the 7 seconds or less Suns. In his first 4 years with the Suns, he averaged 17.5 PPG / 11.2 APG /3.6 RPG with .634 TS% and 45.1% on threes! During those 4 years, had the highest TS%, highest 3pt%, the most assists by over 700, those two MVPs and 4 All-NBA (3 1st team, 1 2nd). It’s also forgotten that he was very close to gett
  17. Sounds like it's 4/134 plus incentives. I don't know if those incentives are out anywhere, but my guess is there are some crazy ones like DPOY or MVP that are inflating it but will never hit.
  18. IRL, scaling up would be more of a practical problem where you are stretching skill sets beyond their capacity, whereas scaling down is more an issue of personalities. I also think scaling down 12% in usage across 5 players is a simpler problem to solve (you see it in the olympics every 4 years) as opposed to scaling up 12% (this is also demonstrable to a point when players jump ship for a bigger role and their efficiency takes a huge hit). IMO, the sweet spot for usage is probabaly in the 100-110 range where people aren't scaling up but also not forced to scale down much and can st
  19. Out of curiosity I looked at the team's career combined usage, it's at 88%. That is a big gap to make up. McGrady would need Westbrook usage from his MVP year to nearly close that gap, but it would all come from contested mid range jump shots. And I would guess that Chandler and Wallace would steal usage from each other because they get all their baskets from 0-3 feet. And sure, Battier is a good shooter, but 97% of his made 3s for his career are assisted, over half of those are from the corner, and nearly half of his career shots (7 total shots a game) are 3s. I don't mean to pick
  20. I'm curious how you are going to address your... offensively challenged front court here.
  21. There is an assumption that LeBron and AD will be 100% by the playoffs, which very well may not be true. If one or both aren't totally geared up for the playoffs, it may be a tough road. And it's far from a foregone conclusion that they avoid the play in tournament - they are only 3.5 up on the Mavs right now and they've got a really tough next 11 games where the only non-playoff team is CHA (now with Hayward out) and maybe NYK. If LeBron and AD aren't back, they'll certainly be an underdog in 9 games, probabaly 10, and possibly all 11.
  22. I was one of the guys that had you a little lower (one of the 13s), very much because Ceballos wasn't very good and Strickland was out of position (in the years available on BBRef, starting in 96-97, he was at PG 93% of the time - Payton was PG 85% of the time).
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