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  1. One league I am in is adopting a "WWE Format" this year. Each team is named after a wrestler, past or present (mine is "Macho Man" Randy Savage). Week 1 is Backlash, where in addition to the scheduled games, there is a "Battle Royal". Highest scorer wins the Battle Royal and wins the WWE Title and the second-highest scorer is the last one eliminated and wins the Intercontinental Title. Weeks 2-15 - Games will be as scheduled. The WWE Champion will have their title be defended every week with the winner of their game winning or keeping the title. The same will be true of the Intercontinental Title, except if the WWE Champion meets the Intercontinental Champion, only the WWE Title will be on the line. If the Intercontinental Champion wins the WWE Title, the Intercontinental Title will be vacated. The following week, the top team in the standings not in the WWE Title game that week will be deemed to be the #1 contender and their game that week will be for the vacant Intercontinental Title. In the event of a tie, the champion retains or a vacant title remains vacant. Week 16 is the Royal Rumble - The WWE Champion will defend the title against the first-place team in the standings (second if the WWE Champion is in first place). The remaining teams will be placed in the Royal Rumble. The Intercontinental Champion will enter the Royal Rumble unless they are challenging for the WWE Title. Order of entry will be the reverse order of the standings. The first two entrants will start out at +0, the third at +5, the fourth at +10, the fifth at +15, the sixth at +20, the seventh at + 25 and the eighth at +30. After these bonuses are added in, the highest-scoring entrant is the winner. In the event of a tie, the entrant with the smallest bonus wins. If the first two entrants tie, the team higher in the standings shall win. If the Intercontinental Title is vacant coming into the Royal Rumble, it will remain vacant. Only the WWE Title match will count in terms of win-loss record for the standings. Week 17 is WrestleMania - The WWE Champion will defend against the winner of the Royal Rumble. If the Intercontinental Champion wins the Royal Rumble, then it will be a Title vs Title match. If the Intercontinental Champion is not in the WWE Title match, then they will defend against the team highest in the standings that is not in the WWE Title match. If the Intercontinental Championship is vacant, then the two teams highest in the standings that are not in the WWE Title match will meet for the vacant title. If a match for the vacant Intercontinental Title ends in a draw at WrestleMania, their share of the prize money will be awarded to the WWE Champion. Additionally, the two teams lowest in the standings who are not in title matches will meet in a loser-leaves-town match. The loser of this game will have their wrestler retire (though the manager can return next season with a new wrestler). If the loser-leaves-town match ends in a draw, then no one loses the match and both wrestlers can return next season. No prize for holding titles during the season. Whoever leaves WrestleMania as WWE Champion wins 80% of the prize money and whoever leaves WrestleMania as Intercontinental Champion wins 20%.
  2. One of the leagues I play in is a "swinger" league, which has similarities to a vampire league but doesn't have a designated vampire. Instead, after games go final, the winning team in every game gets to swap a player from the team they just beat. It has to be starter for starter, position for position, and there are no flexes. There are a lot of diverse strategies at play here (e.g.; some teams draft backup QBs very early in case one gets swapped out while others underspend looking to swap in a stud QB early in the season). I myself am known, when I have an insurmountable lead and still have a player set for Monday night, to get a last-minute FA, start him over the player I planned to start, and then swap him to the team I beat. It's not my main league but it's a very fun format.
  3. Sounds like this would be an interesting experiment but not much fun in real time
  4. I was in a league like that for many years. Undrafted players were deemed to have signed with the Canadian Fantasy League and therefore unavailable.
  5. Ugas won and clearly deserved it, but Manny wasn't seriously hurt and didn't embarrass himself. Not a bad way to go out, all things considered.
  6. It was close but thought Castano did just enough to beat Charlo. A draw is reasonable, but it deprived us of a true World Champion at 154. Hope the rematch happens by the end of the year
  7. Watched pieces of some playoff games the year Houston won the series (I'm friends with Bregman's father). That's been it, though I am intrigued by what I hear about Ohtani. Last game I went to was 10 years ago - a matinee between Cardinals and Astros the year the Cards won the series. Couldn't believe I could get an MLB ticket for $10 - I'm used to boxing and NFL prices
  8. I'm going through it and already see none of the Saturday Night Main Events are on it. I had been watching the old SNMEs in order - got as far as May 1988 (Savage defending his new WWF Title vs One Man Gang) when the switchover happened
  9. Just got an email - Peacock TV is (finally) available on Amazon via Fire Stick!
  10. Or unsuccessfully, as the case may be
  11. What's better - a stupid reason for a party or no party? IMO, it depends on who's there and the quality of food. Given the type of people who would host and attend these, I'd likely vote no party.
  12. Chavez is such a joke. An active fighter with his level of name recognition losing to a former UFC fighter is inexcusable, and no other active fighter as well known as him would have ever come close to losing in that situation. At the other end of the spectrum, Inoue really is a monster! I have him at #2 P4P, just behind Canelo by a razor-thin margin. Go fight each other, Bud & Spence, before you drop out of the Top 5.
  13. With things opening up, very hard to stay home on a Friday to watch wrestling. And I hate the Peacock channel (or more accurately, hate all the work one has to do to watch the Peacock channel on an Amazon Firestick only to watch things with an annoying orange border). I watched WM and Backlash on my phone - this time, I just read recaps.
  14. I didn't watch. What has happened to Hurd and was the decision legit?
  15. I am starting a new Free Startup Dynasty Feeder League that will be an Auction for the first year. This is Broken Arrow Hollywood, where each team will be named after a movie or TV show. I'll break it down; FREE - self-explanatory VARIABLE PPR - This is how PPR scoring will break down by position; WR = 1 point, RB = .75 points, TE, QB, K = 1.5 points. Yes, we have decimal scoring. STARTUP/AUCTION - This will be the first year of this league, so all players are currently available. In Year One (2021), we will have an all-inclusive live auction that includes NFL rookies. The live auction will take place on Friday. July 30, at noon Hollywood (Pacific) time. In subsequent years, we will have a rookie-only email draft. DYNASTY - The players you acquire in the auction will remain yours going forward, unless you trade or cut them. FEEDER - The winner of Broken Arrow Hollywood will face the winners of the other Broken Arrow leagues in the final week of the NFL season. The winner of that will earn an invitation into Top Gun in 2022 (and every year thereafter). Top Gun is not free, but the Unified Broken Arrow Champion can always decline the invitation if they so choose. PM me if interested. I can send the complete set of rules upon request.
  16. WM is hard to commit to for two nights, but it's world's better than a single 7 hour card
  17. I'll be fully vaccinated by then, as will everyone in my household, so sure
  18. Here's a note for some of you regarding watching Wrestlemania... Unlike the WWE Network, Peacock is not accessible on Amazon Fire or Samsung. That means I will be watching Wrestlemania on my phone 😐
  19. https://fantasy.espn.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/2021/en/entry?entryID=39380503
  20. Canelo easily destroyed his Turkish foe this weekend and now on to Saunders. To me, the only question about that is whether Saunders can last the distance. He doesn't have the power to earn Canelo's respect. Caleb Plant is a bit stronger but not as technical and not much of a threat. I thought GGG did very well against Canelo (had him winning both fights) but age plus the added weight would make him a significant underdog. As long as Canelo stays at 168, I consider him practically unbeatable.
  21. I like Blank Space, I couldn't name 3 more of her songs. When I hear her name, I still think of this - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EPEJGQj4Z50
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