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  1. Couple things I like comin' up: Florian Marku over Charlton -125 (playable up to -175 imo) Jamel Herring over Frampton +120/+110 (playable to -150, I think? I'm just way off the market on this one. Feel like it'll correct back towards me as we get closer tho) Had some intel about a fight this weekend, but the whole situation's a little too fuzzy and the books weren't cooperative. Alas. Everyone good?
  2. He's going to (edit: drunkenly) hydroplane a Tesla into a tree and kill his girlfriend in a few years, isn't he?
  3. Into the Spider-Verse was a good-### movie. They should just keep making more of those instead of this nonsense. I don't give two rat ####s about Iron Man.
  4. Sucks to lose [PLACEHOLDER], I was a big fan of _____'s work, despite ________.
  5. Somebody should've hit Shapiro with the "Remember when you traded Chris Archer for Mark DeRosa?" slam.
  6. Toronto's minor league system has come through pretty big in the last couple years. They need pitching (who doesn't), but a lot of prospects are probably gonna be blocked. I don't think mid-season rentals are typically a good idea, but you have to balance that against some players you have in your system who really are expendable or, possibly, who you know aren't going to be as good as everyone thinks. It also seems like Shapiro was pretty scummy about berating the front office staff, that's gotta be hard to take from an outsider.
  7. 30 minutes east of Sacramento things get really cool. I could live there. omg omg omg I used to live in Bethel Island. Actually was not that cool. Seems like the kind of place you'd go to hide out.
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