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  1. 3.07 alone would be a more egregious underpay, a pick that most likely will never contribute to a team and possibly just clog a roster.
  2. Too late with all the talk now. He’s a FA after this year so maybe he joins Rodgers if he doesn’t get tagged. They might both take less $$ to team back up.
  3. I still don't get this. On more carries than TRich had, the other Colts running backs averaged 5 ypc to his 2.9ypc. So, you can either say it was luck, but that was close to 200 carries and only the Eagles did better as a team at 5.1 ypc. If the Colts OL was so bad, how come everyone else did well? And by well, I mean in 172 carries, they were the 2nd best running team in the NFL in ypc. We are going in circles here. How many of the Eagles were aquired in the middle of the season or any YPC leader? I'm sure any player aquired would have a negative impact to their YPC. Let's gve TRIch another
  4. Is Burress or Antonio Bryant worth a stash? They are FA's in my league as probably most other leagues.
  5. I own Felix (PPR) and I'm trying to get Choice, but Choice owner picked him so early in startup he won't let him go. Last week I (5-4) acquired Barber, Torain, Mike Thomas, and 2nd round pick from 9-0 team for Tamme and TO. Had a first offered but it was with crap players then got this deal. Figured I couldn't get much more for an old TO and Tamme who has to compete with Clark until Clarks contract expires in 2014. Looks like Garrett is a Felix believer. Good for us Felix owners.
  6. I think Danny Amendola needs to be revisited, he hasn't been touched on since before the season. What's your opinion on his value for this year and after? He will have a decent quarterback going forward and now is 6th in targets with 50, albeit 19 in the last game. However, the Rams seem to always be in trade talks for WR's and will surely look acquire someone this offseason through FA or the Draft.
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