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  1. IDP rankings for week 2 are now posted
  2. Yea the IDP upgrades week 2 with Rudnicki had some value. I am waiting on the eyes of the guru and week 2 rankings but not helping me with waivers and not helpful for deep leagues.
  3. Any strong preference order here or any pound the table guys LB - Vigil, Delshawn Phillips, Hollins DE - Franklin - Meyers, Tuioti, BJ Hill (DT) Also: Holcomb in Washington - season buy or matter or time before the rookie cuts that production down quickly?
  4. Spit balling her in week 1. Norton has Janoris Jenkins projected #1 CB this week. Worth a start over Xavier McKinney?
  5. Since IDP participation is low - are some non obvious start scenario questions frowned upon in this thread?
  6. The eyes of the Guru write up for the NFC North and preseason weeks 1 and 2 caused me to fall in line with the above. All on board the Campbell train and thinking Barnes is not the dood.
  7. Bothers me that K Neal and Nick Bolton are on the wire in the league below. Now Gay is on IR for a few weeks in KCC. New redraft league so not sure of the quality of owners yet and want to take advantage. 28 man short rosters in a start 20 (10 offense/10 IDP) league. So spots are tough to come by. I went fairly offense heavy in the draft. Thoughts on those two over my group below or maybe even throwing Chuba Hubbard out for one of them? Queen, Singleton, Logan Wilson, Jamin Davis, Jermaine Carter, Devondre Campbell, Derrick Barnes. Appreciate all the knowledge here as I mostly lurk.
  8. I assumed we would land around 40$ from the original concept mentioned in the post.
  9. Dang 25$ winner take all. I care less about the money but free( leagues in my opinion) often leads to people to unplugging and this type of league cannot afford that.
  10. I will be the 12th if we get to that number. 10 team not in. I have played in these formats and they are great. But IDP waters are deep and the damn waiver wire adds some pain......😆
  11. Nice. I highly recommend Saba also further down Magazine. That is the offspring of the original chef from Shaya after the legal issues.
  12. I survived my anniversary weekend in New Orleans and got back on the plan yesterday. We hit a great cocktail place along with Shaya Friday night, but considering the overall temptation in the big easy I feel great. My biggest transgression was Friday night ( 1 fancy cocktail and 4 Old Fashions) 😎. Anyway the point is - this is starting to feel like a lifestyle change and maintenance already and not some death march to another failure. After Friday and Saturday off - I eased right back into Peloton, yoga, push ups, and a 3 mile walk yesterday. Have a good week everyone, I will weigh in again this weekend.
  13. Checking in. The scale is not as dramatic yet, but the size 35 and 34 jeans are feeling great. I am still locked in on the behavior changes. The weight is going to follow. Weigh in: Jan 1 - 236.2 Jan 8 - 229.8 Jan 15 - 229.2 Jan 26 – 226.2 Feb 25 - 225
  14. MFP allows you to enter under 'cardio' 'strength training (weight lifting, weight training)'. I think the calorie burn calculation is pretty accurate. I try to lift three times per week. I do not take much rest or breaks between sets or reps so a 30-45 minute session can get pretty winded. FWIW I do Chest, Tri, and Back grouped, and on alternate days Legs, Bi, and Shoulders.
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