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  1. That's a bummer. I like this kid. Who are we comp'ing him to? Seems there's some Baker Mayfield in there but maybe a bit more athletic in terms of running with the pigskin?
  2. Yeah he just rubs me the wrong way, and not just cuz I hate ZeroU. Just seems like an entitled peepeehead. I'm not one to wish failure on people even if I can't stand their team, but something about him going from entitled jerk to benched just gives me a little "ha ha" moment. I'm sure he'll transfer to some up-and-comer and could put up some numbers. I still think he'll be an absolute BUST at the next level though.
  3. That would totally explain it. She looks like she's had a few reefers and is just about to crack up.
  4. I haven't seen one snap of OSU this season, but I see they're ranked 12th so they must be decent. We're at DKR so I think we'll have a good shot, especially if Bijan runs wild and we can put pressure on the QB.
  5. In that scenario I would just say "hello there" or something. No head movements.
  6. I guess. It's a business run by money, so I don't really pay attention to that kinda thing. That said, I think it has more to do (at least for me) with them being local, on TV all the time, talked about on the radio non-stop, and the fact that my very good friends are super-pumped about them 100% of the time.
  7. Huh, is that what the dude says? I only halfway pay attention to 99% of commercials, and for some reason I never knew what the guy said there at the end. Uhhh.. dumb.
  8. I'd contact the Better Business Bureau. Then you'll have some correspondence to fall back on. They reach out to the company formally.
  9. I didn't know about it until I got an out-of-office response from a client.
  10. I generally sleep with the TV on in my office. I watch SportsCenter around 11pm and fall asleep, and most nights it's on until I wake up. I have the pleasure of waking up to Stephen A. screaming at me. I have to change the channel to NFL-N for Good Morning Football for my last hour or so of sleep. I've been trying to turn the TV off at 1-2am when I usually wake up to pee and sleep with no TV on. I don't sleep well. But yeah, main point is Stephen A. is absolutely terrible. And there are a few copycats that are starting to yell just like him. It's unbearable. Also, I have to say this... what is up with the chick that hosts NFL Live? Laura Rutledge I think. It looks like she's in a perpetual state of being on the verge of cracking up. She's kinda hot but she has this weird "I'm about to laugh at something" face going on. Rant over.
  11. I got my 2nd Pfizer in May. I'm not immunocompromised, but I'm borderline diabetic and fat asf. When should I plan on getting my booster? I travel like once a month for work and do spend time indoors without a mask on (bars, restaurants, etc.). I know I could probably just Google but this thread has been fantastic for vax info.
  12. This. Final / Unconditional Waiver. Once you've paid up, make them sign and notarize.
  13. I'm slowly becoming more and more of a Dodger fan. Maybe it's because they're always on TV here, maybe because they have a great team and it's easy to root for a frontrunner. I dunno. But my Cubs are just terrible and right now I'm having fun rooting for my home team. I'm in a group chat with a couple of my best pals who are big Dodger fans and we enjoy banter during games. Big game tonight; Mad Max should be on point. Need this win for sure. Rather not go back to the Bay. Go Blue!
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