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  1. If you don't mind me asking, are you high-risk? 65+? Teacher, or front-line healthcare? I am also in the LA area and was told to not expect someone in my age range (late 40's) to be able to get the shot until summer at earliest.
  2. That's probably the least annoying thing about that abomination of a commercial. I want to throat jab that lady.
  3. I wonder if the gunman walked up to the dogwalker with his best poker face?
  4. Same here, but she won't go overboard in paying for it. She finds the moderately-priced stuff that smells good. I can appreciate that. I like having clean hands. I will go with something vanilla, I suppose, as the best. Worst - butt
  5. Yup, looked at my Target and shelves are basically bare. And there are signs indicated limits on what you can purchase The guy at the sports shop I went to said there was a local Target that had to start getting armed security to assist in delivery and stocking of new product because people were not only rushing the shelves once stocked, but there were a few instances of the deliveries being stolen at gunpoint. I think I'll wait a year or so to see if the pendulum starts swinging the other way.
  6. It's pretty frustrating to say the least. My MIL in Louisiana walked into a Wal-Mart and got hers, but my 83-year-old dad and 74-year-old mom in California have been on some stupid waiting list for over a month and ended up getting COVID.
  7. Good grief, looks like I'll need to find a different new hobby. Went to local sports memorabilia shop and the boxes they had ranged from like $200 (baseball) to $900 (basketball). Only had a few types of single packs ($8ish each) of baseball, which I'm not really into. Was hoping to buy a box to open with my boy and start collecting again but not at those prices. Bleh.
  8. Probably my favorite band of all time and yes this album is great from start to finish. I actually saw Sublime's second-to-last show; of all things a fraternity party at UC Santa Barbara. They headed up to San Francisco the day after and Brad Nowell OD'ed after their show up there.
  9. Oh I'm sure that's the reason.... I just notice it's out there WAY more than it has been, even 1-2 years ago. And I would consider myself in a mixed-race marriage too... wife is Cajun Also - probably poor form posting this in the "least favorite commercials" thread... I have no problem with them; again, just an observation.
  10. Oof. Nah, I just bought a new car and the sound system sucked... as I said. Like really bad. I'm not bumpin' Miami bass music or anything. I just need it to sound good.
  11. Hmm, now I'll need to go and listen for that and it'll likely make it even more annoying.
  12. Was just coming here to post about GrubHub. I assume you're talking about the same one I hate... the one with the incredibly annoying flute music? It's terrible. Terrible.
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