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  1. We had the option to go into the office a couple/few days a week at one point, but then they shut things back down completely. Now our building is undergoing exterior renovations, and we should be partially re-opened in late June / early July. I will likely go in 2 days a week, but even then I would only be there from 8:30 to 2ish. I would get bored and want to finish up the day at home. Somewhat related, I think we are going to be able to travel for work purposes again fairly soon, especially with many folks vaccinated. That will be huge for me.
  2. Did someone say... shots? Got Pfizer #1 yesterday. Mildly sore arm, no other side effects to speak of. Was a little foggy-headed yesterday but that's it. Round two on 5/17.
  3. It's been a minute since I was really into mountain biking, but I always had good experiences with Trek, and I imagine for a grand you could get a pretty solid model. Just me, but I would support a local bike shop if at all possible.
  4. Any commercial that randomly just says the name of the company at the end. Blah blah blah.. blah blah... blah blah blah... blah blah.......Hilton. I imagine there's some advertising algorithm that states the consumer needs to be reminded at the very end of what the spot was all about. But it's dumb. Hilton.
  5. Won't even read the rest of this thread 'cuz I don't wanna start bawling. But... this. This past December 23rd we said goodbye to our dear Black Lab named Polly. We were taking her to the vet that afternoon to have her put down and she died right there with me, my wife and kids on her little sleeping pad in the living room. At some point "you just know". Wishing you and your family the best.
  6. No advice here, but I'm sure our old friend h8 will probably be a customer at some point.
  7. After your bike tour I'd head up to Santa Barbara for dinner and lodging. Pretty much anything along Cabrillo in SB will be more than sufficient.
  8. This. Get it nice and spruced up and sell. And as suggested upthread, invest the proceeds into a mutual fund.
  9. Looking for two owners for a 16-team IDP dynasty. Been "in business" for 15 years. Great established owners. $50 entry each season. https://www67.myfantasyleague.com/2021/home/18400 - League homepage Open teams are listed, and there would be a dispersal of these three teams' assets, including rookie picks. Message me or post here if interested. Also ... it is TE-premium (1ppr, 0.5 for all others), and there is no franchise tagging.
  10. California opens up vaccine to anyone 16+ as of April 15 Not sure when my company will let me start traveling for work, but I am going to assume it'll be soon given this news. I will sign up sometime in late April. Hurray!
  11. Wow, brings me back to reading in elementary school. 104, that's amazing. May she rest in peace.
  12. Driving home from dinner with nirad3ette (10) and nirad3jr (8) and 'ette says "Daddy turn on some music", so I make sure it's safe to screw with the radio, and while I am fumbling around, nirad3jr starts singing some pop song I have no idea of, and as I turn up the volume, that was the song that was playing! nirad3jr says "wow that was so crazy, I was just singing that song! Also, I farted".
  13. One team available in an IDP/devy dynasty league. Solid roster, owner wanted to move on for some reason. Chubb/Henry/Sanders/Akers at RB, Diggs/Evans/Godwin at WR, Waller/Kittle/Henry at TE.... granted some are RFA but you'll have opportunity to franchise one. Excellent LBs. Roster here League homepage $50 for entry, haven't been using LeagueSafe since all others know each other from another board, but open to using it if it's a sticking point. Please PM me or reply here if you're interested.
  14. Same. I don't get "overly excited" about it, but I always plan a little get-together for local friends on the closest Saturday to my birthday. Just an excuse to bring people together for beers or whatever. Last year I celebrated at an open-air brewery here in town, and will likely do the same this year since we're all COVID-y. I don't expect or even want gifts, although I won't turn down a free beer or shot.
  15. Yeah, seeing lots of appliance delays being in the apartment/housing construction industry. It's no joke.
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