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  1. 8 hours ago, Godsbrother said:

    I haven't use a chimney in years.  I make charcoal lighters from paper towels and bacon grease. 

    Every time I make bacon I toss a few paper towels on top of the grease, let them soak for 10-15 minutes, fold them up and then freeze them in a ziplock bag.  Then when I am ready to light the charcoal I just arrange the lump charcoal around a couple squares and light them.   It takes about 10-15 minutes for the charcoal to light.

    It's not that I'm naive to other methods.  I can get some charcoal coals to light no problem.  It's just been highly variable on the amount of time needed to get enough lit where I can close the lid and maintain temp.  The chimney solves this for me and costs like 40 cents to use a starter cube.

  2. On that LG K24- the only drawback I've had is that it is very finicky when trying to hold temps in the 200 to 250 range.  I have a Flame Boss that controls the temp, and even with that, if I have the top vent 1/4" open, it runs over hot. If I tighten the top vent back to ~1 mm, it might not stay hot even with fan at full blast.  On the scale of 1 2 3 that is labeled on the top vent, I'm usually around 0.1.  It's a tight margin for error. 

  3. I have a very similar kamado to the LG 24.  I've tried using blow torch to light my charcoal and it still takes a long time to get going.  I've gone back to using the Chimney to get charcoal going and I just prefer the consistency with that method. 

    I strongly recommend an ash rake tool with pan to collect the ash.  Once you use the smoker, you'll understand why. 

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  4. As someone who recently went through this change, I think the naming of all of these things suck.  Clipless pedals actually clip you in.  The leading platforms are SPD or SPD-SL.  So stupid. 

    Once I bought the pedals and shoes, the install is  easy and intuitive if you've ever used a wrench or hex key. 

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