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  1. I learned the hard way that people who haven't cleared the recent snow are the same ones that probably didn't clear the last snowfall which has now turned to ice.
  2. I rented neoprene shoes and socks and didn't have any regrets. The pick up and return wasn't too bad as there is a place right by entrance to Zion. They do make you watch a video, but it's like 10 minutes. For my first time, I didn't find it too botheersome.
  3. I'm real proud about Brown, but you need to talk to him about Gilroy. (Sorry - Varsity Blues quote that I'll have to wait for another 20 years to use)
  4. I believe it is idiot and maniac... https://youtu.be/XWPCE2tTLZQ
  5. I've been listening here and there to the Spotify list this week... great stuff as always! I need to revisit your top 20 this weekend. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I've been coping with a bad shoulder since March of last year. Not sure what caused it, but one day, it started to hurt when I move it in certain directions. I've been unable to do push ups, side planks or golf or volleyball since then. Finally got off my butt to do something and saw a shoulder specialist today. Likely Frozen Shoulder and Impingement Syndrome. He gave me a cortisol shot and I will have to do PT for the next few weeks. The shot had a pretty immediate improvement, which is nice. Hopefully I'll be back to full strength by summer.
  7. While I'm not planning on things being 100% normal until much later this year, I do suspect that throughout the year, things will be improving and stuff that was high risk becomes medium risk, etc.. Tentatively planning: Spring Break - drive somewhere south where we can do outdoor activities, but will limit interaction. June - Had a Hawaii trip from 2020 that I rebooked for 2021. Hopeful this happens, but we'll see how numbers look as we get closer. good call on booking camping spots - that was tough to come by last year.
  8. Yep, seems like each winter, you have to get that week of weather that makes you question all of your decisions in life. We haven't had it yet this season, but it seems like it is coming.
  9. Fact for the day: 100% of the half marathons I've done have been in Amish Country, Lancaster PA.
  10. Watched this (Operation Odessa) last night. Yeah, pretty good and I appreciated the lighter tone as many docs always go for the dark and broody.
  11. I thought about it, but I can't carry a tune worth a lick.
  12. Yea, I caveat'd that we only heard one side of the story. I'm just giving my thoughts on the doc and how Tiger came off. He was asked to participate and refused (which I 100% get), so he has to accept that the viewer is going to only going to hear one side of the story. C'est la vie.
  13. I enjoyed it too. I found it similar to the Jordan one insomuch as it wasn't a fluff piece either to make them look great - both are great competitors but flawed human beings. In the end though, he still looks like a ##### even after his most recent recovery and the doc's attempt to paint all of his flaws on his father. Not contacting Steve Williams at all is pretty cold (and I recognize that we're only hearing that side of the story). I still enjoy watching his game in pursuit of being the GOAT, but he's no role model.
  14. God bless @ChiefD I haven't done any races in a long time but occasionally there are events on Zwift that give you a free t-shirt for your virtual wardrobe and, as a gamer I somehow know this might be important so I'm in. I did a 17 mile event this afternoon and I checked out Spotify before the race and dusted off a playlist I used to use for 5k races. It ain't running, but when you got the right song humming in your ears and the sweat is puddling and your heart is maxed and you have your sights on the person in front of you.... It's still pretty g d cool. Dead +Rural by Hands
  15. If you are talking about the person, then Dolly Parton, but I can't stand her music outside of Jolene.
  16. Why am I picturing Bugs Bunny in drag?
  17. Such a clutch shot that I can almost forgive the abysmal defense.
  18. Didn't realize the same Kenny Loggins song used for both Side Out and Top Gun volleyball scene. Did they run out of music back then?
  19. Lucky you! I'm sure it was better than the virtual experience from my laptop.
  20. Got this earlier this year. Love it. We have 6 other knives in a block. I never use any of the others unless someone puts the victorinox in the dishwasher.
  21. Good luck! If you are in the delivery room, always remind everyone there that you contributed to the baby too.
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